Top 10 Safety Gadgets For an Adventure Trip

Safety Gadgets

Safety Gadgets

T.R.I.P (Travel the Road In Peace). People nowadays like going on trips and the number one concern should always be the safety of the trip. In our day and age we have a lot of gadgets to choose from. However, how should we determine what gadgets to bring while going on a trip?

Here are ten must have gadgets if you want to have an enjoyable but safe trip.

Safety Gadgets.

1. SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

Safety Gadgets

Safety Gadgets

The SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone should be the top 1 gadget to bring on a trip because of its awesome features like it runs on a single AA battery that will work for 10 hours of talk time and if not in use can last up to 15 years. Calling for help was never made easier.

2. GPS (Global Positioning System)

Safety Gadgets

Safety Gadgets

The global positioning system is quite useful on trips for as having one will ensure you will never get lost and even find ways to get to your destination faster.

3. Compass


A gadget proven throughout the ages and I might add a must have as an alternative for a GPS because you’re not always going to have the electrical power to run a GPS but a compass runs 24/7 so you’re not going to get lost.

4. Taser


If you travel with this gadget then anything dangerous that comes within 5 feet of you is in for some serious pain.

5. First Aid Kit


Let’s face it you’re bound to get hurt whenever you go out on a trip by either a sharp tree branch or something. Hell, you may even get attacked by some stray animal so this is definitely something that you should have on your travels.

6. Swiss Army Knife


This handy gadget is very useful in many situations and could very well be the reason we now have gadgets that do more things than one.

7. Flare Gun


A real life saver this one and also compact and easy to use, it may be an old invention but it’s surely never forgotten.

8. Crank Charger


You won’t have any power switches on a trip so you will definitely need this to charge up any electronic gadgets that you might have brought along on your journey.

9. Lighter Stick Fire Maker


You’re lying if you say that you’re not going to end up feeling chilly on some night during a trip. This little gadget is here to remedy just that issue by making sure that you can easily get a fire going to keep yourself warm and cozy at all times.

10. Night Vision Goggles


Night vision goggles are probably one of the most crucial things that you should have on your trip because night time is definitely going to strike during your trip and you aren’t going to be able to see anything during it so night vision goggles are definitely something that you should carry with you on your trip.


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