Ten unique features of an android phone

Features of Android
Features of an android smartphone


android phone

android phone

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Android Phone

These days the smartphone users are able to access internet and do so much more at the mere click of a button. Thanks to the coming of Android systems, smartphone users are able to experience limitless connectivity on their mobile phones itself. Being an open platform operating system, Android is a preferred choice of software developers across the globe. Over the years, there have been several phones using different operating systems that have been introduced in the market but the Android driven smartphones continue to rule hearts due to their uniqueness. In simple terms, the Android smartphone allows you to get all the awesome features on an absolutely easy to use interface. Isn’t it amazing?

Here is a list of ten features that you are guaranteed to find only on Android smartphones.

1. The Keyboard options

android phone

android phone

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Android Smartphones allow users to access alternate keyboard options through apps that are easy to download and install. So, you have the text predicting app called Swiftkey or the really innovative Swype where you can just swipe your fingers to do the typing, the Android enabled smartphone makes it easy for you to use the keyboard irrespective of the size of your gadget.

2. You can access the deepest settings of your smartphone!

android phone

android phone

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Android users can download an easily available automation program that enables them to empower their smartphone. Using this app, the users can access the detailed settings of their smartphone and accordingly modify them for selected applications depending on the location, time and other factors.

3. Cool customization of home screens

android phone

android phone

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Unlike the other operating systems, Android allows excellent customization of the home screen by including cool features like 3D effects, interactive graphics and a lot of other things.

4. Widgets on the home screen

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Did you know that the Android phones display your widgets on the home screen itself? This means you don’t have to shuffle through the other stuff to keep track of simple details like the current weather, tasks to do, recently played track, etc.

5. A removable storage and battery

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The compatibility of the Android allows your smartphone to increase its storage capacity. This may not seem like a very unique feature when you compare it to the larger lot. But, there are categories of phones that don’t allow this feature and still cost you a bombshell.

6. App installation simplified

android phone

android phone

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The android powered smartphones offer an easy to use interface. This makes it easier for you to download apps easily from the internet without having to browse through the details in a specific app store.

7. Tweak your phone!

What if we told you that the Android driven smartphones allow users to customize their ROM and enhance their usage experience? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? But this is true. With a simple app Android you can tweak your phone to increase processor speed, storage capacity and a lot more.

8. Control your phone from the PC

android phone

android phone

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There are several versions of Android enabled smartphones that allow you to access features and control your gadget even from a personal computer.

9. Flash Tools

Imagining a browsing experience that is not flash enabled can turn out to be quite a nightmare. However, Android users don’t have to go through this trouble at all. This allows the users to enjoy a hassle free browsing experience.

10. Integrated Google Voice

android phone

android phone

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Unlike the other operating systems, Google Voice is an integrated feature in Android and so using it becomes a far better experience.


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