The Impossible Race? : IQ Brain Challenge -03

Brain Challenge
Brain Challenge

QuanTom here again, here is a challenge to explore the untouched grey matter in our brain! Brain Challenge.

Try to solve this challenge on your own at first, share this post with your friends only if you have tried and could not solve it yourself.

Brain Challenge

Here is the challenge:

Two race car buddies, Peter and Harry, each own a powerful sports car. Peter owns a red car and Harry owns a blue car. Both cars are of the same make and model.

A really smart professor approached them with a crazy racing challenge. He put up a twenty thousand dollar cash prize for the race which begins from one end of the town which is point A to the other end point B. However, the professor gave them one tricky condition: The LAST car to reach the finishing line wins the race and its owner will get the 20K grand prize!

“This is a piece of cake!” remarked Harry. “We’ll just race for the fun of it, and split the take!” said Harry.

“No, I’m afraid you can’t split the prize…” the Professor replied evenly. “So what’s it going to be, gentlemen? What’s most important? Pride in your own skills? or making sure the other doesn’t ‘win’? Pay attention to the conditions or you’ll regret it!”

The guys decided to give it a try and accepted the challenge. Peter and Harry got into their cars at the starting line (Point A). They started racing at the slowest possible pace, each unwilling to let the other have the prize.

Brain Challenge.

Watching the two of them getting nowhere in the race was quickly becoming extremely boring. And then a scientist who was passing by saw the Professor and the crazy race that was going on with the two men, two race cars moving slowly towards the finish line, only to stop frequently and reverse as soon as any one of them pulls ahead. It was like a classic snail race in the making.

She (the scientist) went over to inquire with the racers, and the two frustrated men told her what it was all about.

She knew the solution right away, then instructed the two racers to get the rules and conditions for the race from the Professor in writing. The two men stopped the race, went to the Professor, and returned with the written conditions. The Scientist then whispered to them the only solution that would enable them to win the race without breaking the condition.

They were blown away by the genius solution given to them and completed the race immediately. As a result, one of the cars won the race and its owner received the $20,000 grand prize without breaking the Professor’s tricky condition.

  • Now here is the question for you: What was the perfect solution that the Scientist gave to Peter and Harry or how did they get to finish the race quickly?

Please leave us a comment with your answers or any questions at the comment section below.

Very few people could solve this challenge without getting some clues. It’s amazing how the human brain can sometimes ignore some of the most obvious details, and this challenge is a prime example.

Maybe some of you can solve this quickly, but for those of you who can’t solve this, try to read it couple more times and see if it helps.

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8 thoughts on “The Impossible Race? : IQ Brain Challenge -03”

  1. Matt@rocks says:

    Who won the race? Peter or Harry? Btw how is it even possible to win the race as you have to be the LAST one to reach the finish line?

    • Hi Matt@rocks, either one of them can win the race but the point is to reach the finishing line in the second place and not in the first place. The challenge says that they got a solution and one of them received the prize. So you have to find out how they completed the race without breaking the tricky condition.

  2. Matt@rocks says:

    I don’t think there is a solution to this challenge. I mean, how can you ever be the second one when both of them wants to reach in the second place to get the prize????

  3. Matt@rocks says:

    I know its something with one of them having to reach in the second place. I hope its not something like the scientist offered them a bigger reward.

  4. Carlo Marco says:

    The Scientist drives the first car, while they both ride in the second. Everybody wins!

    Wait, can’t split the take. Damn.

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