Car Gadgets to Reduce Your Insurance Rates

Car Gadgets to Reduce Your Insurance Rates


 Car Gadgets

Car Gadgets

Gadgets that reduce your monthly insurance payments can save you a lot of money. Read this article to find out more.

As a vehicle owner, you’re sensitive to any fluctuations in gas prices. While waiting at the gas station while they’re filling up the gas tank, have you tried figuring out how much you pay for gas every week and compare it to how much you have to pay every month for insurance? The results may surprise you.

Many people are dismayed to realize they pay more for insurance than they do for gas. And unlike money in a bank account, whatever you pay monthly for insurance goes nowhere useful for you until you get into an accident – which may come years later or never.

But did you know that you could substantially reduce your car insurance premiums by installing approved safety devices in your car? These devices are intended to lower the risk of injury in case you get into an accident, also to prevent bad driving habits, and to reduce the likelihood of your car to be stolen.

Since these devices drastically reduce the likelihood of you having to make a claim on your policy, insurance providers provide discounts on your rates as an incentive for you to install them in your vehicles. Young drivers can in particularly see great benefits from installing these devices, since they are typically charged higher premiums by insurers on the theory that they are much more likely to get into an accident than older drivers.

Here is a brief overview of some of these devices:


 Car Gadgets

Car Gadgets

(A SafeKey Ignition Key Immobilizer prevents vehicle start-up if the driver is unfit to drive.)

  • Ignition interlock – This is essentially a breathalyzer that is connected to the ignition system of your car. Before being able to start the car, you will have to puff into the breathalyzer. If the device detects a result higher than the allowed alcohol level, it will not allow you to start the car. It is probably the device with the greatest impact on your safety and car premiums, specially if you allow your teenagers to drive. For the slight inconvenience of periodic checks, you can rest easy that your children will be much less likely to get into a drunk-driving crash or DUI arrest while unsupervised.


 Car Gadgets

Car Gadgets

(part of an AGPtek® 1-Way Security Car Auto Vehicle Alarm)

  • Car security alarm – This device emits a loud noise when it senses that the vehicle is being tampered with. This is a basic security device that all cars should have in order to reduce the chances of theft.
 Car Gadgets

Car Gadgets

(an easy-to-hide XCSOURCE® Waterproof GPS Vehicle Auto Tracker)

  • Car tracking device – This device is intended to track the location of your car as well as providing other information like the speed at which it is being driven. Depending on the specific device, the owner may receive real-time email or text alerts providing tracking data based on the parameters you set in advance.
  •  Car Gadgets



(Gravity Keyless Entry System with Internal Shock Sensors)

  • Car shock-sensors – These devices are intended to send an alert when your car is jostled, being tampered with, or otherwise experiences a shock. If the shock is intense enough based on pre-arranged settings, the car either beeps the horn as a warning or sends out a full-scale alarm.

enginekill(A 3Built LLC 250-feet Remote Engine Kill Switch)

  • Ignition kill – This anti-theft device kills the ignition by disrupting the flow of electricity or disabling the fuel pump. Thus, the car is rendered immobile and virtually theft-proof.



(A DynaTek Speed Governor allows full engine power to be used until the speed limit)

  • Speed control device – Also known as speed limiters, these devices are intended to prevent a vehicle from being driven at higher than a prescribed speed level. Speeding is actually the greatest killer on the roads, with drunk driving only a close second.

 711WW6LhtlL._SL1500_(MotoSafety Teen Safety GPS Tracking System also monitors unsafe driving)

  • Driving habits monitoring device – These devices allow insurance providers to monitor the habits of drivers with those seen to be sufficiently safe being provided with discounts. Depending on the device settings, habits monitored include being easy on the gas and brake pedals and not driving during “risky” times.



(The Boyo Driving Assistant is also a dashcam and collision warning monitor)

  • Lane assistant – Also known as a lane departure warning system, this device is intended to warn the driver when he has started to deviate from his intended lane. When the device senses that the driver is deviating from the parameters programmed within it, it provides a steering correction through the electric power steering system. It’s a nice system to cover for distractions, sleepiness, or a sudden muscle spasm.


car-engine-231213_640(The Hybrid engine of a Prius C)

Here are some other ways that young drivers can avail of discounts on their car insurance rates:

  • Complete an approved driver training program. These programs are intended to help young drivers below 21 to develop safer driving habits as well as defensive driving skills.
  • Good grade discounts. Getting high marks in school is seen by insurers as an indicator of responsible behavior. Hence, students below 25 who achieve a particular grade average are given discounts.
  • Buy a car that is cheaper to insure. There are certain models of cars that are seen as being more prone to accidents as well as more attractive to thieves. Young drivers who want to get cheaper rates should avoid these models when shopping for cars. In addition, they should also avoid sports cars and other high-performance cars that encourage speeding.


Fuel and maintenance represent the real costs of owning a vehicle, and so even a little bit less every month really adds up. These devices would allow you to keep more money in your pocket.


What about you? What simple measures do you use to minimize how much the necessity of owning a car is eating up your budget?

If you’re a young driver, do you think it’s fair that you must pay a larger premium?

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