Ten alternate uses of your cell phone

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Everyone knows that cell phones can be used for more than just to call people or send them a text message. Cell phones in the modern world can do much more than that. You should know that the computer in your cell phone is more powerful than the one used to land on the moon for the first time. It is about time you know the strengths of your phone. Cell Phone.

1.       Multimedia purposes

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Your cell phone is an ultimate machine on which you can even watch television programs. Applications such as MediaFLOW and MobiTV are just some of those applications which allow you to flip through several channels to watch in order to kill time. You can even tune in to any radio station if you want to relax, or listen to Podcasts.

2.       Sharing pictures and videos

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With an internet connection you can easily log on to Facebook or your favorite blogs to share your personal pictures videos. You do not have to be on your laptop or PC to upload stuff. Drop Box now allows automatic uploads. Any video or photo you take on your cell phone goes directly to your Drop Box account and you can easily view them or share them through your PC.

3.       Scan documents


Smart phones have eliminated the need to buy expensive scanners. There are many scanning applications out there through which you can scan documents in perfect quality. Want to scan notes of your classmate? Just use your phone.

4.       Notes and reminders


Since you have your cell phone with you all the time, why not use it to manage your time? Use the reminder application on your phone to remind yourself about your exam schedule, or even for the laundry day.

5.       Emails



This one is a no brainer and almost everyone knows about this function. But sending and receiving emails has become really easy with cell phones. You can contact people immediately if you do not have their phone numbers.

6.       Connecting to Bluetooth in car


The use of data cables in connection phones to car is gradually dying and most cars now come with a Bluetooth device. If your mobile phone has a Bluetooth, connect it to the car kit and play your favorite songs while you drive.

7.       Send texts by speaking


This is a basic function of a phone, but most phones now allow you to send texts without actually typing. See if you have this function. If you do, you no longer have to type while driving or walking.

8.       GPS navigation


Most cell phones now have GPS in them which can be used in emergencies. GPS can help you locate your position, which can be done easily through Google maps as well. This feature also allows you to find places nearby including banks, restaurants and other attractions. There are even some applications out there which require GPS if you want to track someone, for instance, your kids.

9. Flash Light

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There are times when you require a flash light when there is a power break down at your place. If your phone has a camera, there is a good chance that your phone has a flash light too. Find an option in camera settings where the flash light opens when you turn on the camera to make use of the flash light in emergencies.

10. Bar code readers

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Ever went to a mall and felt shy for asking prices? Just download a bar code reader in your mobile phone and use it for reading prices. Some products do not have prices printed on them. Take a picture of the bar code and your phone will automatically tell you the price of that product.

Cell Phone.


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