Alternate charging gadgets for phones

Cellphone Charger
Different ways to charge a cellphone

Alternate ways to charge a phone or a tablet

Charging Gadgets

Charging Gadgets

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Charging Gadgets.

How people use portable devices today has been too much to a point of abusive. What makes it worse is that sometimes, they tend to drain their batteries and sometimes, they leave their chargers back in their houses.

Alternative means of charging your phone or tablet should have been set up in order to make sure that you are capable of charging at any given moment.

The market has brought in new means of charging the device, while there are some which have been present even before these modern telecommunication devices have been made available to the market. It just needs another device, specifically a cord in order to connect the device to the power source.

1. Car Charger

Charging Gadgets

Charging Gadgets

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If you do not know yet, the lighter socket that you find inside your car has been used as a power source for people who are on the go. This concept has been in used for a very long time. All you need is to have a cord that is able to connect the phone to the lighter socket.

2. Solar Charger

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A solar charger is another alternative that can be used to charger your device especially if you are in a sunny place. You can carry the charger around with the phone connected allowing you to avoid being stuck in one place. In addition, it can be used anywhere you are on the world, especially in places where electricity is almost non-existent.

3. Idapt 3-in-one

Charging Gadgets

Charging Gadgets

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There is a device called Idapt 3-in-one which gives the owner a chance to charge three separate devices in one application. There is also a USB port which also acts as a charger as well.

4. Powerbag


A bag with power, Powerbag is also one of the many alternatives that the market has to offer. It serves as both a charger and a bag. The bag also is charged through an outlet when it is not in use. It is capable of handling up to four devices at a time.

5. Charge From Laptop

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The most basic of all the options available may be one’s laptop. Just connect it using an USB cord, and it still immediately starts charging.

6. Battery Extenders


Battery extenders are devices which allow the device to extend its battery life without the need to compromise with its appearance. This is more popular with iPhone users.

7. Battery Reserves


Battery reserves are pre-charged battery packs which are connected to your device. This will then facilitate the transfer of the power from the pack to the device with so much ease that you also do not need to be attached to an outlet.

8. Portable Charger

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If you want a more size friendly charger, you can opt for an emergency portable charger. It is small enough to be kept in your purse, powerful enough to juice up your phone and tablet.

9. Wind Charger

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Trust nature to deliver in these kinds of issues as well. A wind charger is also available for sale. Strap it in any activity that you believe will help the turbine spin and it will store enough energy that will help you charge your phone in case the need arise.

10. Wrist Charger


Lastly, a charger disguised as a wrist accessory. It has nine compartments; one for each device it is capable of charging including phones and tablets.


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