Emergency gadgets you must have at home

Ten must have at home gadgets (Emergency Gadgets) in the event of an emergency

Emergency Gadgets

Emergency Gadgets

What comes to mind when you say emergency?

Some might say earthquake, tsunami, hurricanes and yes those are all emergencies but to make a long story short it’s something that endangers the life of somebody alive be it humans or animals.


1. Athena Soladyne 7-Inch Mini Solar Lantern

Emergency Gadgets

Emergency Gadgets

The Athena Soladyne 7-Inch Mini Solar Lantern is a must have for your home because it is something that will brighten your nights and you only need to charge it with the sun which in turn saves money (No need to buy tons of batteries).

2. Eton Boost Turbine

Emergency Gadgets

Emergency Gadgets

Now this is also a must have for your home because this thing just might save a life with a few cranks, cranking this thing will give life to your phone so even with the lights out you can still use your phone at any given time.

3. Energizer Pro 7 LED Headlamp

Emergency Gadgets

Emergency Gadgets

A Led Headlamp is a must have if you are in an area where storms or hurricanes happen a lot and these are water and impact resistant which is perfect for harsh conditions.

4. Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radio

Emergency Gadgets

Emergency Gadgets

The Motorola Talkabout Two-Way Radio is not your normal walkie-talkie because they have alot of features like the alert button that transmit a siren which is followed by a transmission of impending dangers.

5. Radio


Another handy tool to have which I think is simple but helpful is the Radio which has been around for as long as I can remember and has yet to disappear from gadgets you need during emergencies.

6. Outdoor GPS


The outdoor GPS is self explanatory but is probably the simplest method of telling more about this gadget is that it is needed if you are lost or need to get somewhere, like say an evacuation center.

7. Pocket Water Filter


During emergencies I know water is usually what is needed most but there are also times when you just can’t get access to fresh drinking water so yes this gadget will help you drink fresh water in no time.

8. Flashlight


Another tool that has been around for a long time but still proves to be useful in dire times.( I know some might wonder why I have the headlamp and the flashlight in the list but lets face it the flashlight will always be needed even if you have the headlamp)

9. Mobile Phones


Now everyone should have one of these nowadays but yes this is very handy indeed since they usually have a lot of features installed.

10. Batteries

Emergency Gadgets

 Simple but needed in any situation so yes having different kinds on hand will surely help you out, I know some might not consider this a gadget but isn’t a gadget considered to be something handy and useful?, so yes I will consider this a gadget and the fact that it powers up almost every kind of gadget.


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