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Greetings, music fans! Are you on the look-out for the best high-quality music gadgets in the market? Do you want the gadgets that can give you the most accurate playback, the easiest ways to learn how to be a musician, or enliven a party? Do you long to be delighted with the latest songs no matter where you are? Do you want to feel burning with the energy of life?

Whether you are a singer, composer or a music connoisseur, don’t worry! This article rounds up newest and best music gadgets trending today.

Music Gadgets.

Music Gadgets

Music Gadgets

1. Singtrix

Sing like a rockstar with Singtrix, a karaoke machine that solves even the worst voice quality. Sing your heart out with the live backup harmonies and hundreds of vocal effects to choose from. This gadget offers you full control of your voice without spending a lot of time and money in music lessons.

Music Gadgets

Music Gadgets

2. Epishock Speaker

It’s all about that bass! Any flat space can now be a booming, pumping loud speaker with Epishock, which also contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery to grant a longer-lasting intense musical experience. Whether you connect it to your laptop, tablet, or iPhone, or any other mobile device – the you get the full range of sounds, as long as you use a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack.



8 gTar

3. gTar

Learn how to play the guitar with this app! Made of maple and basswood, the gTar can create any melody, rhythm, and beat even if you have not learned any previous musical skill. An unlimited range of sounds await for your rocking out! Play your gTar wherever you go because it comes with a headphone and an 8-hour rechargeable battery.

4. Ipod Nano Watch

Gym buffs rejoice! Griffin’s cool idea gives birth to an absorbent yet fashionable wristband that keeps your iPod nano in place. It has a polycarbonate grip-clip and multi-touch interface that ensures you can sweat it out in the gym and still enjoy listening to all the music you enjoy.


5. Beats Headphone

Beats headphones come in two types: in-ear and over-ear. The former are small yet they deliver powerful sounds. The latter, on the other hand, provide comfort and clarity of sound. Beats. Headphones made for the most demanding music lover.


6. Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Sing to your heart’s content at the shower with this waterproof speaker. It can reach up to 85 dB, and can last for more than 10 hours. You can take this speaker while snorkeling, too, because it can last up to half an hour under 3 feet of water.


7. boombox

7. Boombox : iP4 Boombox

Turn your home into a concert hall with the iP4 FM iPod/iPhone Boombox, a modern take on the classic stereo boombox. Play powerful music with its 4-in. woofers and 1-in. tweeters.



8. Sound-isolating earphones – iSport Headphones

Listen to music while you jog your way to fitness, and don’t fear having the earbuds fall out during your workout with these easy-grip headphones. The iSport Intensity In-Ear Headphones set is sweatproof and UV-protected, so you can even take this outside your gym. Unlike other headphones, the iSport is washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting stinky. The whole package includes a carry pouch for easier portability, a sport clip, and 5 eartip sizes.



9. Flat Wireless Speakers

Enjoy your music with this sleek cutting-edge wireless speaker. You can connect it to your phone, laptop, or tablets and access the music player fast through USB. If you prefer the more traditional CD collection, you can still use the flat wireless speaker as it comes with a single-disc CD player.

 10 PacemakerPhoto Credit: Pacemaker – the pocket-size DJ system via Compfight cc

10. Pocket DJ : Tonium’s Pacemaker

Become the very DJ you want to be! With Tonium Pacemaker, you can play and mix music like a real disc jockey. Play two tracks side by side with its two audio channels, or just be creative with your music. Just click the button and you’re beatmatching is good to go. You can also take this portable system anywhere.


1. Ipod nano watch

  Photo credit: eksyt via photopin cc

Music soothes the soul and pulls hearts together. But music is more than just for romance and amusement!

If you ever need to hack your mindset and power through your workdays or tasks at hand, there’s nothing like energetic music to pump you up. And of course, the greatest songs and compositions in the world deserve to be heard with the highest fidelity hardware that they deserve.

Music gadgets are steadily getting smaller and more power-efficient, allowing you to enjoy all your music on the go, while improving on the accuracy and deep variations of sounds you may experience. However, it’s also true that modern music typically comes in the form of electronic data. You may have the hardware, but you’re still limited by one important factor: storage space.

To know how to keep and listen all your music with you, why not have a look at our Ultimate Guide to Buying Memory Cards, SD Cards, USB or Pen Drives?



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