Top Ten Unique Features of Apple Phones ( iphone ) !

Features of an iphone
Top ten features of an iphone

Top ten features of Apple Phones ( iphone )!

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The iphone has been the apple of the eye for several years. Ever since the first model came out, people have been dying to lay their hands out on the gadget as soon as it enters the market. Priced on the higher side, the apple phones are recognized for their uniqueness and awesome features that allow customers to enjoy a never before user experience. What’s more is that innovation is an integral feature of all the apple phones. This means that every new model of the apple phone is guaranteed to be better than its predecessor. Unlike the other smart phones, apple phones are considered to be far more superior and therefore automatically lend a tint of glamour to your overall personality. Its sleek, its designer and it is something that you will really love to use, this is one of the simplest descriptions of apple phones. Here is a list of the top ten features found only on apple phones:

1. All metal body!

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If you are yearning for a sturdy phone with cool features, the iphones are your best bet. Coming with a hardened metal body, apple phones have a tough casing. This means your iphone can withstand pressures of accident falls and related mishaps without being damaged.

2. It’s really thin!

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We all know about the thousands of features that apple phones come packed with. However, all these features are incorporated into a sleek design. This makes the iphone really slim, powerful and still it is easy to accommodate in your pockets.

3. The lightening speed

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Apple phones are known for their ultra fast wireless accessibility thanks to the unique integration ability of their in-built processors.

4. All under one roof

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If you are an iphone user and want to update your phone or download some really cool apps, you don’t need to browse for options. Just log into the app store, follow the instructions and your job will be done.

5. The Photo feature

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Apple phones come with really powerful cameras and equally awesome photo editing apps. This ensures that you can click your picture and add interesting features to make it even more impressive.

6. Multi touch screen

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This is a common feature across all the apple phones. As a part of its multi touch screen functionality, apple offers its users to control items on the screen by using more than one finger at a time.

7. Dedicated messenger

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This is a unique internet operated service available only on apple phones that allows iphone users across the globe to stay in touch with each other without being burdened by unnecessary call charges. Isn’t it amazing?

8. Alternative browsers


Yet another unique feature offered only on apple phones, this option allows users to enjoy a completely hassle free user experience on their screens.

9. In-built ipod

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The current breed of apple phones comes with an in-built ipod. For people who love to listen to music, this feature is one of the biggest attractions. After all, you get to hear good music and access all the features of the ipod from your apple phone itself.

10. An improved battery life

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Continuing its endeavor to innovate, the latest versions of apple phones are equipped with a better battery life ensuring that the end customers get to enjoy longer periods of usage.


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