Best methods to fix water damaged cellphones

Fix water damaged phone
water damaged cellphones

water damaged cellphones

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If our phone is water broke, some of us are under the impression that  we have to replace it with a new one. Well, that is also one of the possibilities, it is necessary to know some quick remedies to recover your cell phone as soon as possible rather than damaging it further without having adequate knowledge to fix it.

Did you forgot to remove your phone from your clothes before throwing it in the washer, or accidentally slipped your phone in a sink, or in a swimming pool? Well, the sooner you realize and taken it out, the better your chances to recover it if you can try at least some of these following basic steps.

1. Remove the battery ASAP

water damaged cellphones

water damaged cellphones

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The immediate response that we all tend to do with a water broke phone is to check if it is still working and also we try to turn the screen on. But, that is when most of the dame is made, because when an electrical device becomes wet, most of the delicate parts will burn due to short circuit. So the first response should be to remove the battery as soon as possible and save the circuit board. Water damaged cellphones.

2. Disassemble the parts

water damaged cellphones

water damaged cellphones

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Remove battery covers and other compartments, the casing, SIM , memory card, LCD and Camera etc (need not unscrew circuit board always, but depends on the cell phone ). This is done with a primary purpose to get in to all the possible areas and remove the water content.

3. Check the device’s LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator)

water damaged cellphones

water damaged cellphones

Before trying any further steps, check the LDI sticker. If the LDI sticker has not turned red or changed the color from white, it means that your warranty with the phone company is still not void, if it is with in the warranty period. If the LDI sticker has changed its color then proceed to the following steps.

4. Use accessories to remove the moisture

  • Lacquer thinner is a solution which can be used to absorb any moisture that resides in the PCB board of your cell phone. Submerge the PCB board in a cup of Lacquer thinner for five to ten minutes till the board absorbs the thinner, and then clean the board with a paint brush with minimum force.
  • Rice bowl method:  Take out the battery and bury your cell phone in a bowl or bottle of rice and leave it for few days, the rice will absorb every minute water content in the phone.This is one of the traditional and successful methods.

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  • Bath your phone in alcohol: submerge your device in a container of alcohol; the alcohol will displace any water content left in the phone, after 5-10 minutes dry the device for about 2-3 hours, alcohol will evaporate quickly.
  • Bheestie Bag: Using a sealed bag called a bheestie bag can help to remove the moisture quickly. (however it is a bit costly when compared to other methods)

4. Be patient and let the device dry

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Let the device dry by the natural heat or sunlight, because evaporation is the best possible method to remove water. Using a hair dryer or other heating devices could further damage the cell phone. Even though the curiosity or urgency might provoke you to check sooner if the device is still working, it is very important for us to put maximum effort before you give the first try to restart the device.

5. Assemble and give it a try

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After you are sure that the device is dry enough, assemble all the parts carefully and try to start the device. Hopefully there is 75% chance that your device might work just fine. If it is still working then follow the next step, if it doesn’t work then go to step 7.

6. Cross check all the functions

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There are chances that the device might start but some functions would not work properly. So cross check all the major functions. If the display is foggy, you might have to wait for 3-4 days more for it to dry out the moisture completely.

7. Try a different battery or try to charge the battery with another device.

There is slight chance that the battery might have loosened the charge, and this could be one of the reason that the device is not turning on, so try to charge the battery with another phone or device. (Do not charge the damaged device yet). Also try to replace it with a new battery and try to turn on the device.

8. Replace the parts.

A service center can easily help you identify the parts which has to be replaced to get the device working again. So enquire the expense for the replacement and other service before taking a final call on buying a new device. If you opt for buying a new cell phone, try for exchange offers as the service center’s or phone provider can still use some of the parts which are still not damaged (like camera, display etc.)

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Electronic devices which are really close to you  and which are at the verge of being damaged or exposed to risk  everyday has to be given that extra care  in terms of safety or else we might end up trying the final and obvious step called the “the hammer method” to brake open it.

Water damaged cellphones.


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