Top Ten Gadgets For Your Car

Lane Control System
Lane Change Warning System

Here is a list of the top ten must have gadgets for your car. Having these gadgets in your car can help you a lot when you are on a long road trip or off road trucking.

1.      Jump start System

Gadgets For Your Car

Gadgets For Your Car

A jump start system can do you wonders wherever you run into any car trouble such as deflated tires or drained out batteries, a must have.

2.      Remote Start

Gadgets For Your Car

Gadgets For Your Car

Photo credit: Corey Ann / Foter / CC BY-ND

Remote start systems are often overlooked by many users but the plus side is that they are quite easily installed and are supported by a wide variety of models and can be quite helpful in multiple scenarios.

3.      Rear Mounted Parking Camera

Gadgets For Your Car

Gadgets For Your Car

Photo credit: mrlerone / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

This allows you to see everything behind your car can be quite useful in situations where you have to reverse your car but simply can’t seem to get vision behind you or you just don’t want to turn your neck to look behind.

4.      Global Positioning System (GPS)

Gadgets For Your Car

Gadgets For Your Car

Photo Credit: Ryan Katsanes Photography via Compfight cc

I’m sure we’ve all had those situations where we have simply no idea where we’re going. Well the GPS is there to fix just that.

5.      Portable Cooler

7894986544_3eea523783_oPhoto Credit: AntoniaDic via Compfight cc

A portable cooler is a neat little addition to any car which basically keeps your beverages cool and is perfect for any long distance traveler.

6.      Car Tracking System

car-tracker-valet_lPhoto credit: thomasebunton / Foter / CC BY-NC

This’ll be just perfect for the time you manage to somehow get your car stolen, it alerts via text where your vehicle currently is and also points it out on a map.

7.      Hands Free Speaker Phone


This nifty little gadget is a much welcomed addition to any car as it allows you to take any calls without the risk of them hindering your driving.

8.      Media Storage


No one likes to drive without their favorite music playing in the background so having some form of media storage in your car such as a USB will generally go a long way.

9.      Real Time Traffic Information


This gadget has the ability to display real time information about the current traffic in your car which allows you to plan ahead and take a different route which is less crowded.

10.  Lane Change Warning System


A gadget that can often end up proving itself as it uses sensors and cameras to warn you when you’re diverting from your lane which will often prevent lethal accidents from happening.

Gadgets For Your Car .

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