Top Ten Gadgets Lets You Make Receive Calls

Gadgets For Making Calls

Top Ten Gadgets Lets You Make Receive Calls

Making or receiving calls were only possible with landlines. Advancements in technology has changed the way we make calls these days. We have a lot more devices that lets us make or receive call these days. Some of these devices are already available at home for most of us. So don’t worry if you cant find your cellphone or your land line is not working, just have one of these things setup to use for emergency cases.Gadgets Lets You Make Receive Calls.

1.    Computer/Laptop

Any person who has access to internet can make calls through his computer or laptop, Thanks to the multitudes of VoIP programs out there with the best examples like Skype which is a free software through which you can make and receive calls simply after downloading the program and registering an account on it.


2.    Cellphones

Perhaps the most common amongst all of these, everyone uses their cellphone to make and receive multiple calls which are transmitted through a service provider of choice such as Vodafone, AT&T etc.


3.    Smartphone Watches

If you don’t want the hassle of carrying around a phone with you due to whatever reason, you can always opt for smartphone watches which basically allow you to make and receive calls the same way cellphones do but are much less of a burden to carry around.


4.    Landlines

Every home has one of these installed somewhere, these convenient devices can perform the tasks of making or receiving calls whenever needed and are often more reliable than cellphones because their connection is wired and they do not require battery recharges.


5.    Fax Machines

While they aren’t used much as of these days, Fax machines still offer a viable way to make and receive calls, they work almost exactly the same as landlines but they aren’t really as common due to their bulky size and high maintenance.


6.    Skype Phones

For those who don’t have access to a desktop computer/laptop, there are dedicated phones which are used for making and receiving calls and are powered by the Skype service.


7.    Bluetooth Headsets

While a lot of people may not know this, you can attach a device into your car which allows you to make or receive calls. This is quite helpful as it allows you to make hands free calls so you can drive proper.

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8.    Tablet

If you own a tablet you can use it to either make or to receive calls through VoIP services such as Viber or by a service provider of choice much like you do with cellphones.


9.    Cordless Phones

These phones are quite like landlines in the way that they make or receive calls and are quite commonly found around homes. The difference though is that these devices do not have a wire attached so they can be carried around to different parts of the house without the hassle of any wires.


10. PDA

Similar to how you make calls from a cellphone, you can use your PDA in the exact same manner to make or receive calls by using a service provider of choice.


Gadgets That Lets You Make/Receive Calls


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