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Money saving gadgets

Best Home Gadgets

Most valuable home gadgets to help us save money, increase security and be more efficient at home

This article is written to help everyone get the most use of relevant home gadgets that will help them in the short and long run – save more money, increase security at home and be more efficient.

The first phase highlights the very top home gadgets that will help to save time and money, and the latter part discusses the best of home security gadgets.

Many of the following home gadgets help us save more money in the long run and also makes a great deal of environmental sense as well.

  1. Filtered Water Bottle: This will help you save money and to stop buying bottled water as you can easily fill the filtered water bottle from any tap while the inbuilt filtering device will clean the water for you, blot out viruses and bacteria. Hence, whenever you use this bottle, you have money saved.
  2. Battery Charger: Rather than spending so much replacing batteries, buying a battery charger will help reduce such cost and budgets. It works by fixing in batteries into the battery charger compartment and they get recharged. This is surely wonderful for folks who have or use lots of battery-powered toys or appliances.
  3. Blender: A good and perfect blender will help save loads of dollars when used regularly as it helps you to blend your own fruits, vegetables, spices, etc. Using a quality blender at home will help in making your own drinks for your family and guests which is much cheaper than buying the whole drink outdoor.
  4. Flash Drive: This has countless benefits and will save much for you. It helps in emergency backup of key files and will save your data during hardware crashes and will also help save lot of money with regards to burning CDs for software installation packages.
  5. Solar calculator: With a solar calculator, you don’t need to ever worry about batteries; just keep using it. Your money is saved, no battery purchases.
  6. Reduce Cellphone Bill: Using XLink which can be obtained at Amazon can help you reduce your cellphone bills and without having to pay a monthly landline bill anymore. Just route your cell phone calls to a regular phone through the Xlink console (via a Bluetooth signal). Your cell phone’s caller ID and voice mail will transfer over, too, and you don’t even need a landline for the console to work. With this, you can SAVE about $40 a month (depending on your phone usage).
  7. Outdoor solar lighting: If you wish to light your environment and patio in the evening and don’t need to spend on electricity all the time, the outdoor solar light is great for this purpose. A solar outdoor lighting helps provide adequate lighting for your yard after recharging themselves under the sun. This saves you money for extra energy cost as well.
  8. Electric Shaver: A very good rechargeable electric shaver saves good money for us over using disposable razors, shaving cream or visiting the saloon.
  9. Programmable Thermostat: Do you have central air conditioning unit and need programmable thermostats to help with precise temperature control, then get one now. It can be programmed to automatically lower your air conditioning and/or heat use while you’re not home. Simply program it and leave it to function as it will automatically adjust things for you so that you don’t waste electricity and money. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a favorite, picking up a number one bestseller spot at Amazon and amazing top reviews at CNET. This thermostat learns and adapts to your habits over time and allowing you to make changes with your smartphone or computer system while displaying your energy use on a dashboard. This technology is good at reducing peak energy demand and saving money. The bottom line is that if you don’t have a programmable thermostat at all at home for your air conditioning units, you’re missing out on lots of potential savings.
  10. : Portable Space heaters can help save lots of money because you wont be spending extra energy keeping your other rooms heated. These are mobile and can go with you to any room you want heated even the bathroom.

Home gadgets – The extended list for more savings

Best Home gadgets

Money saving gadgets

  1. High efficiency washing machine: When you use a large-load high efficiency washing machine from now on, you’ll do many fewer laundry loads per month and each load will take less water than before. A high efficiency washing machine can easily save $15 over a regular machine in water usage in a family home monthly and will also help save a lot of time.
  2. A Laptop: Laptops in better comparison and as option to desktops help with energy savings that are tremendous.
  3. Digital Antenna: Nowadays, you no longer need cable to receive local broadcast network HDTV channels. All required is a digital antenna and to find out which antenna will work for your location and which channels will be received, simply enter your address at antennaweb.org, though you won’t get paid cable channels, you will be surprised at how many HDTV channels are free (as the number varies based on your location). You can SAVE the $900 or more a year you spend on cable with this approach.
  4. Smart/Led light bulbs: Ultimately the best energy-saving innovations are in LED light bulbs as they are known to use up to 80 percent less energy compared to traditional ones and can last up to 25 times longer as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. These led light bulbs are now being made with added features to help homes save more energy by using less light. Some newer innovations of led light bulbs changes its brightness or turns off based on the time of day and on how bright the room is and whether or not someone is home. Some even allow you to use an app to control your lights and also send a text message to tell your lights to turn off. You can set rules for your lighting, like setting times for lights to turn on and off, or you can use Siri on your iPhone to tell them to turn off. When this is used and administered correctly, it will help you cut down your energy consumption while saving money on your electricity bill.
  5. Smart Power Strips: With so many devices in your home using up energy regularly, for instance, your TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles, laptops and many other devices which stay plugged into the wall – these draw power even when not in use; hence to cut down on energy lost to these loopholes, smart power strips will help to shut off energy to these devices when they’re not in use. Options vary, from timers and motion sensors to remote controls. Available also are power strips that shut off when a key device is turned off – so that if you turn off your TV, the strip also cuts power to your cable box, gaming console and DVD player. Others also disconnect the power when all the devices plugged in are turned off, preventing devices from drawing power while they are in standby. This will help you save up to 10 percent on your electricity bill.
  6. Soda Maker: It is time to stop spending much on drinks as with a home fountain machine, you can save so much dollars and catch fun making your favorite soda water to also brewing beer right at home. Once you purchase a soda making machine, you buy refill canisters of CO2 and syrup for your drink make up. You can SAVE about $1000 yearly for a family of 5 with this approach. Now you can get the SodaStream Fountain Jet starter kit (comes with a soda maker, carbonator and two bottles) or a similar one from Amazon.
  7. A Residential Windmill: When you get a windmill on top of your house, this will take care of almost all of your home electrical needs. It looks like a high-tech antenna up there using up the wind to provide you light. With this windmill, you are also helping the environment by almost eliminating your power load on the power grid.
  8. Efficient shower head: High efficient shower heads save money by lowering the amount of water that needs to flow through your water heater. A home can save as much as 17,000 gallons of water annually by using high efficient shower heads. Further – that’s 17,000 gallons of hot water that your heater doesn’t have to produce, reducing your energy costs as well.
  9. Cell Phone Door Lockers: An important aspects of home security is making sure intruders don’t have easy access to your home. Don’t give a criminal easy access to your home. You can now get electronic door locks that sync to your cell phone that you can now purchase from stores like Amazon. This devices will sync with your cell phone to lock (and unlock) your doors from anywhere worldwide.
  10. Tweeting Camera: This camera helps to tweet a picture of an intruder to you! There is a gadget in the works that includes a tripwire feature and will instantly tweet a photo if the tripwire is activated (or touched). This will immediately have a picture taken and posted online of any intruder into your home and would make it much easier to assist police in identifying and pressing charges on such intruder!


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