What’s that on your head?! : IQ Brain Challenge-02

IQ Brain Challenge #2

Do we really need to be a genius in order to solve some of the highly complex IQ challenges? In most cases we just have to use our ‘common sense’ and process the information that we get in a proper way, before we reach the most reasonable conclusion.  Sometimes a complex problem is actually deceptively simple.Brain Challenge.

Here is a seemingly complex problem that even some high IQ scorers have had  difficulty solving.


Three very intelligent men named James, Paul and Peter were standing in a line facing George. George was holding 5 hats in his hand, 3 black hats and 2 white hats. Brain Challenge

James was standing first in line, followed by Paul and then Peter. They were all standing one after the other like in a queue.

George blindfolded each of them and placed one hat on each of their heads. Then he hid the remaining two hats before removing their blindfolds. The men were only allowed to face front and they were not allowed to ask any questions.

Peter who is standing at the end could see the color of the two hats in front of him. Paul in the middle could see the color of James’ hat. James could not see any of the hats being that he was the first one in line. They were neither allowed to speak to each other nor were they allowed to look at their own hat.

George asked Peter “What color is the hat on your head?”

Peter replied “I don’t know the color of my hat.”

New Challenge

George then asked Paul the same question. Paul also replied “I don’t know the color of my hat”

Lastly George asked James the same questions. And James replied “The color of my hat is Black”, which was the right answer.

So, how did James know that it was a black hat on his head even though he was the first one standing in line?


This problem sounds really tough to answer, but try to solve it by yourself and if you can’t solve it, you can share it with your friends and family.

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