Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

Interesting facts

  1. The first food to be microwaved was a “chocolate bar”. Micro wave was an accidental discovery by engineer “Percy Spencer”. While he was working on a radar set, he noticed the melting “chocolate bar” he had in his pocket.
  2. Methyl Mercaptan is an organic compound which is added to natural gas so that it can be detected easily if there is a leakage. This is because Natural Gas has no odor at all.
  3. An Average American household spends 1800 – 2000 dollars on new electronics annually.
  4. As per National dryer Foundation of America “Clothes washers” typically account for 93% of lost socks.
  5. Boiling water in the microwave with a glass container could cause a small explosion, because clean ceramic can prevent bubbles from forming, bubbles actually helps to cool down the water, without bubbles water gets heated beyond is boiling point.Kitchen Gadgets.

Kitchen Gadgets.

Top 10 Innovative gadgets for kitchen and cooking

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

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Technology and innovation is at its best in today’s era. In such situation, how can technology stay away from any of our everyday activities? Cooking is one of the major everyday activities and Kitchen ofcourse is it’s relegate. Therefore, technology has taken over Kitchen also, making your every day task easier and friendly. Each and every task you do in kitchen is going to best replaced or cut-shorten by these unique, helpful and attractive gadgets.

Mixer, refrigerators, oven are older updates of technology, you can now find many advanced and improved versions of all of them.

1. Yanko Design -Smart Fridge

This fridge will help you prepare food with instructions. Once you decide a meal, this refrigerator will come up with the recipe and provide you with the list of ingredients already available, it will also create a list for shopping other required ingredients. Once you are ready, enjoy the pleasure of cooking with all instructions!!!

2. Yummy Computer

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets


Yummy is a touch screen Kitchen computer which will keep track of all the food in your kitchen using a barcode scanner. The data is stored in the database and can be recalled at any point of time. You can also store your diet routine, likes and dislikes. Based on that, your yummy computer will recommend various dishes and shopping list too

3. Extra smart Oven 

This oven will cook a meal for you, just by reading few small codes, which are specially marked on the packaging of the oven. This is one of the ultimate innovations, you just have to get it, scan it and your food will be cooked automatically. This is most required gadget in the kitchen for those who are single and cook for themselves.

4. The Toaster Kettle 

This is a well- designed, attractive, 2 in 1 toaster kettle which will boil water and toast your bread simultaneously. The user has to just set the kettle and can freely carry on with their work until it’s done on its own.

5. Salter Nutrition Scale 

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone wants to keep track of the calories they are consuming in everyday life. Here comes a gadget which will analyze the size and weight and will come up with the calories, sugars, fiber, Fats, proteins, cholesterol, net carbohydrates, GI value etc. in the food. It displays all these information in a LCD screen, along with how much food you have consumed throughout the day.

6. Fridge of the Future

We have heard about the refrigerators which suggest a recipe based on the food available in it. But here comes an even more advanced fridge which will suggest recipe based on the expiry of the food. It will also suggest for a shopping list of groceries whenever required.

7. Compac Digital Surfaces

The work surface in your kitchen is now going to act like a keypad, completely operated through your fingertip, giving you a homely touch screen experience. This can be used to operate sinks and stoves with just a single touch. It is very easy to operate even when your hands are merged in sticky liquids or doves. This gadget is bit expensive, but adds on a real touch of technology into your kitchen.

8. Geneva Sound System Model S Wireless

This sound system comes up with a Bluetooth speaker along with variety of designs and best sound quality. These speakers can be synchronized with any smartphones, tablets or laptops through Bluetooth. It is completely wireless and can be used outside kitchen also, through it comes up with few Kitchen decors.

9. Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition

This Sony Xperia tablet is specifically launched for kitchen use. There are high chances of spilling, dropping food or liquids or using your messy hands to operate it. This Tablet is all set withstand all your uncleansed hands over it and still work well with proper result.

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets

10. Blendtec Designer 700

Blendtec Designer 700 is a latest blending model in the market. It is capable of whopping 1700-watt motor with 3 powerful direct drive motors, it has 6 pre-programmed options with Wild Side blending jar and secure-fitting vented lid. It also has a touch screen and very interactive interface. Therefore, it is marked as the best blender up to date.

So, Get set to buy these innovative, attractive gadgets for your kitchen and make it a better place to cook soon!!


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