DIY Solar Kits and Toys gadgets which are Most Productive

sunwglassesLet solar power improve the way you live your life! Here are some of the most interesting solar power DIY kits and educational toys that demonstrate how solar power can be used for more than just as a power source.

Solar power is steadily becoming commonplace in our society. It’s powering outdoor lights, our tablets and smartphones, and even our homes 24/7. Markets find that solar powered devices are always in demand and are looking to solar power solutions to drastically reduce maintenance costs. Thus, familiarity with these alternative energy sources is important for STEM education and the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

The future begins at home. Encourage your children to learn about renewable energy sources and have extend the boundaries of their imaginations. Put safe, limitless power in their hands and watch them be amazed at the possibilities.



Solar Mechanics Kit | Solar Kits and Toys

This fun DIY kit from Thames & Kosmos is a great way for children to learn about solar power safely. The kit includes twenty models you can build including robots, planes and cars, a photovoltaic cell and an electric motor. The pieces in the kit are compatible with other Thames & Kosmos construction and physics kits, greatly increasing playtime possibilities. Also included is a sixty-page experiment manual that includes step-by-step instructions for the experiments and projects.


DIY Solar Fuel Cell Car

This educational kit from Thames & Kosmos teaches students how fuel cells work by having them build and modify their own experimental car. The kit includes instructions for performing more than twelve experiments that allow children to learn how fuel cells use electrolysis to generate energy. This tenth anniversary edition features a completely redesigned car as well as a sixty-four page full-color manual that describes the experiments and demonstrations as well as providing other educational material like Solar Kits and Toys


Handheld UV Water Purifier Bundle Pack

This handy pack from SteriPEN contains everything you need to create safe drinking water in less than a minute. The system includes a half-liter water bottle, purifying UV lamp, solar charger with storage battery, internationally-compatible AV adapters, and USB cable. All you have to do is drop the lamp into the water bottle and stir, and in just 48 seconds, the water is purified. It’s a priceless device for camping or for a natural disaster emergency pack.



SolarBag Water Purifier

This breakthrough product is an incredibly simple and convenient way to purify water, all you have to do is expose the SolarBag to sunlight. This causes a mesh designed with nanotechnology to purify the water inside using five photochemical processes. In addition, the mesh eliminates heavy metals and organic contaminants. It uses the tried-and-tested SODIS process of water purification, which has until recently only been available to military supply packs. It purifies without the need for consumable filters, chemicals, or electricity. The SolarBag can mean the difference between life and death in areas of the world without easy access to clean water.

  movaglobeMova Globe

This intriguing and mysterious black metallic globe uses the Earth’s own magnetic fields in addition to solar energy to cause it to perpetually revolve. Simply place it on the included transparent acrylic stand and watch it start to rotate continuously. No wires or batteries required. Increase the light and it spins faster, decrease and watch its rotation slow down to the minimal. It’s a thought-provoking functional art piece and conversation starter for any living room or office.


Six-in-One Recycler Kit by Twinkie

Children can learn about the value of recycling with this fun educational kit, wherein they can repurpose used and damaged items such as scratched CDs, soda cans, and water bottles into walking, rolling, jumping, flapping toys powered by the sun. Suitable for ages 8 and up.



Solar Powered Windmill Construction Set

This fun construction kit from Eitech comes with nearly 400 reusable Telfoc clay bricks as well as dissolvable mortar. Although the kit comes with plans for a windmill, you can let your imagination run free and build any type of structure you want. Then bring it to life using the included electric motor and solar panel.


Team-build Renewable Energy Set

This great educational kit from K’Nex not only teaches children about renewable energy but also encourages them to work as a team. Up to three students per team can build any of nine models that demonstrate how renewable energy works. The kit comes with nearly six hundred K’Nex pieces as well as a comprehensive teacher’s guide on CD and detailed building instructions. The kit is appropriate for fifth through ninth graders.


outdoorsolarlight(an example of a Permanent Security Light)

What more do think you can do to help them prepare, so that in the future they can live well and take care of this planet they’ll inherit? Let us say some students are looking for examples. What practical applications of renewable energy do you already have in your home?

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