Top 10 Portable Gadgets – The Extended List

The Portable Gadgets We Most Enjoyed
  • Portable gadgets extended list

    The ultimate portable gadgets ever!

    We love new gadgets and cool devices. Time-saving portable gadgets, labor-saving devices, top gadgets and tools that drastically expand the things we’re capable of, and your knowledge of the world at large – these are the things that built the modern lifestyle we enjoy today!

    But here’s the problem with it-

    There are so many interesting and useful things you could buy today, that sometimes it’s already exhausting by itself to find the perfect balance between your needs, your wish to save money and having something that will last you a good long while. And that’s why here we have listed some of the latest devices that’s sure to make your life easier.

     Power Ball

    Arms exercise with Power Ball

    Portable Gadgets To Exercise On The Go!

    The PowerBall is a strange little exercise machine and a must to include in our portable gadgets list. It spins, it blinks, it jerks in your hand in a way that’s almost alive. It’s also something that improves your grip and forearm muscle tone which is fun while freeing you to do something else like watching TV, reading or attending to your children. Actually, for the latter you may have to convince them that they can’t have the Power Ball as you need it for exercise more than they want it as a cool toy.

    It works to strengthen your muscles, but it’s not strenuous. The Power Ball is designed for athletes that need their forearms to be strong, yet not grossly muscular to slow them down. Golfers, tennis players, boxers, basketball players – many have proven the Power Ball’s promises. It relieves carpal tunnel syndrome and loosens up the muscles when your wrists feel strained. It’s a handy little thing to have in the home or packed in the bag to quickly burn some calories while you wait.

    DropCam Pro

    dropcam remote video control

    Portable Gadgets For Video Chat

    A camera you can control through WiFi or the Internet is the sort of thing that sounds a bit weird until you get used to all the benefits. It’s got two-way audio and night vision. Its camera has 5x zoom and takes 720p video. It has a motion sensor. What does that mean?

    It means you can talk to anyone in the room through your phone while you’re away. You can set it to record and upload to the cloud automatically any unlawful activity. You can use it as a baby monitor. You can place it inside for an interactive panoramic view of a home you’re planning to sell. Dropcam Pro empowers people to communicate, whether they’re on the office or on the other size of the planet, without the need for another smart phone or a camera or a computer running Skype.

    Kevo Kwikset


    The Kevo Kwikset keyless entry electronic lock has several advantages over the kickstarter-funded competitor Lockitron. First; that it’s smaller and easier to install. Second, that you can still use your key to override the controls if anything happens. A wireless fob that serves as a keyring holder also unlocks the door quickly if you haven’t your phone in hand. Third, that it has entered reliable masss production. Fourth, the helpful blue glowing ring helping you find your way in the dark. Fifth, it also reports door activity to your phone and allows you to send a e-key to anyone you trust. And sixth, it comes in three stylish colors: satin nickel, polished brass, and venetian bronze.

    The Kevo Kwikset integrates much more seamlessly into your home architecture. Save yourself the hassle of fumbling for keys or worrying if someone has broken into your house.

    Plastic Card

    plastc-social-bgIt can be a cumbersome task to carry and manage your cards; and by this I mean not just credit cards, but all those other incentive and identity cards you need to carry. Your wallet may be bulky enough as it is, and there’s the risk in carrying all your important cards. What if you could just leave them behind where they can be safe – just use one digitally protected card that you can incorporate into your existing smartphone for daily transactions?

    Plastc is an RFID-enabled and on-chip PIN secured card that promises to replaces twenty different credit and loyalty cards, all interchangeable on its e-ink display. While e-wallets have become more convenient, there are still many stores and outlets that require a physical card for making payments and earning rewards. Whether you’re buying gas or groceries, on Plastic Card can serve them all (and in secure transactions bind them).

    Wireless Key Finder

    wirelesskeyfinderHere is another cool technology to safe guard most of our portable gadgets and other tools. Despite its name, you can use the tags to find whatever thing you may often misplace, from wallets to remote controls. Just attach the tag and press the corresponding button on your transmitter to hear a distinctive beeping noise for each tag. It’s one of the things that can make you think ‘Oh wow, I’ve wasted so much time’ when looking back at your life before you started using it.

    Give up going from room to room trying to dig out where you may have left your things. Hang the transmitter right where you can always see it, and waste no more time hurrying to find that thing you really need just when you need to leave.

    Pico Genie

    picogeniem400Pico Genie provides the latest in  devices that places image projection technology in the palm of your hand. This device is 3D-ready and even comes with a built-in battery. Now you can project your tablet or laptop screen to present your ideas better, and watch movies and videos with your friends without squinting at a tiny screen. You can do this while on the move or probably just anywhere where you can find a flat wall or even surface.

    Most importantly, it has HDMI and micro-USB connects to connect and mirror the screens of practically all existing smartphone and tablets.  The Pico8 Genie M400 perhaps has the best value for the equivalent of a 100-inch screen.

    Flat Travel Speaker


    I’m not an audiophile, but I do love listening to music like most people are. Now, with music comes the burden of actually maintaining a system of speakers, wires, and power supply to get a decent sound system. There are ranges of sound headphones just can’t match, and a tiny speaker on my laptop or tablet is less than desirable when making presentations on my business trips.

    Those round and cube speakers might look cute, but they’re kind of a mess to use. The ultra-thin flexible speakers in the news are still experimental and useful mainly for wearable computing. Instead, try this kind of flat speaker that you can rest your tablet or smartphone upon. It comes with its own batteries, so it won’t drain your other devices. It fits neatly into bags and suitcases, and it’s also tough plastic surface that you can write on or use as a lap protector.

    SSD Drives

    ssdIf you’re not very techie, or simply satisfied with your current desktop, you may have not yet heard about the new solid state drives entering the market. While they’re much more expensive per gigabyte than conventional drives, the tradeoff is in sheer speed.

    You won’t believe how much faster an operating system installed on an SSD boots up and operates much smoother than a spinning platter hard drive. All applications that need access to repeated reads and writes to the windows swap file will find tangible increase in performance – and yes, this includes web browsing and word processing. For professionals, the speed of a SSD is essential for editing large sound and video files. It’s the difference between waiting fifteen or five minutes for video to encode.

    In this editor’s opinion, it is the single best upgrade you can make to your PC today. Not even a faster processor produces such results. A solid state drive has no moving parts; so it’s noiseless, produces little heat, and is much more power-efficient. It is immune to any effects of magnetism in erasing data. Watch for them in the next generation of laptops and ultrabooks.

    Solar Charger and Power Bank

    solarchargerThe main limitations of having fun outdoors and on vacation is that not all locations provide adequate electric supply. And boy, do we carry a lot of power-hungry devices – tablets, digital cameras, our smartphones, laptops and more. So why not both a solar charger and power bank in one?

    The ideal solar charger and power bank is light, shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof. Can’t really predict what will happen on your vacation, right? A charger like the one above can serve you well in an emergency, since it comes with an LED light. Don’t fall for chargers that promise unreasonably large capacities in a small form factor (much greater than 10,000 Ah, for example.) There’s a lot of cheap mislabeled junk on Ebay, so prefer branded products.


    nokia-lumia-1520Would you go back to using a call-only cellphone? Didn’t think so. Smartphones, combining the features of a cellphone, camera, recorder, and some light computing with apps, have completely revolutionized business as we know it. Now the next step is to bridge the best features of a phone and tablet in a handy little thing we call a ‘phablet’.

    And oh boy, is the competition fierce. Because of the wide range of features and price points, we’re recommending the Nokia Lumia 1520 as one of the phones made for business users. Whatever else you may think about the new Windows 8 interface, its seamless integration with Office products makes sure you can without fear of lost formatting view and edit your documents while on the go. A 6” screen makes it comfortable to do. A 20MP camera makes it a powerful media source.

    Also, we wonder if the phone, being built of Nokiaum, if not as indestructible as previous phones, would be more resistant to bending or break in your pocket.

    But there’s more! Check out our top 10 portable gadgets in 2014

    2014: Gadgets in Reviewsmartphone-593345_640

    The year 2014 brought us a huge list of gadgets and we have so many fabulous and top gadgets to talk about. From portable TV’s to really sleek smart watches, there are just too many options to choose from.

    For many, it was a daunting task to choose from the sheer variety of devices for their comfort, convenience and entertainment. 2014 was a battleground between major corporation-culture icons for people’s attention.

    Smartphones have increasingly combined the features of media player, phone, camera, Internet browsing and light gaming in one device. Thus mobile world was hard-fought between iOS, Android and Windows-8 based phone manufacturers. Each one of them appealed to target demographics, and showcased how we now use gadgets as a means of self-identification, of self-expression and of how much we’re connected to each other in both physical and electronic ways.

    But there’s more than just the obvious electronic gadgets like smartphones and tablets. More than ever, 2014 was a year for portability as battery power became much more compact yet more powerful. Slim was in in 2014, and smart devices were the way to go.

    When you buy gadgets for travel or for everyday uses, portability is perhaps the most important aspect. Most of the gadgets today are designed also to be effortless to carry for the user. Here are the top 10 most promising gadgets in 2014 that broke ground in 2014 and we’re looking forward to more of them this new year:

    1. Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

    medium_11815455855Are you of the ‘click and share’ type where you love most of all to let the world see the pictures that you have taken? Sure, tweeting and sharing you picture in social media is good, but there’s still nothing like a photo you can print out right there, share, show off and collect.

    If you want to print your picture on the go, then the Polaroid Socialmatic camera is the perfect gadget for you. The basic idea for this gadget was floated way back in 2012 but only recently has it been practical. With its ink-less printer, this gadget has been designed in a way to revive the beauty of Polaroid Camera.

    Photo credit: KoFahu meets the Mitropa via photopin cc

    2. Panono Camera

    The ultimate fantasy for any passionate photographer is to be able get a 360 degree view without taxing the camera. The Panono camera allows you to do just that with its in-built 36 cameras that capture every detail with perfection.

    Photo Credit: Cybercake via Compfight cc


     3. Smart lock

    medium_9181540664We have heard so much about smart watches, smart phones and other smart gadgets, but most of us are not aware of smart locks.

    Are they actually useful and secure?

    Yes! The smart lock bypasses the need for keys and allows you to open doors with a mere tap on your smartphone. In fact, you get instant message alerts each time the locks are activated. This version of the smart lock is a full keyless interface that relies on biometrics and keypad security.

    Photo credit: robpegoraro via photopin cc

     4. The Sun Exposure Monitoring Bracelet

    june-by-netatmoWe all hate to go out in the sun unless we have to. After all, the excessive exposure damages the skin, hastens signs of aging, and most of the time we forget to apply our regular dosage of sunscreen.

    If you want to avoid peeling and burned skin, it may be unreliable relying on what you feel because it can numb after a while. Worse yet if there’s a breeze, because you might not realize you’ve been out too long. But, with this smart bracelet, your exposure to the sun is constantly monitored. Additionally, you also get advice on the type of sunscreen to be applied.

    Photo credit: robpegoraro via photopin cc

    5. Internet enabled brush

    Beam-brushYes, I can almost hear you going “What?” about something that we usually take for granted. How can the Internet help you brush?

    This is quite an excellent gadget for people who are particular about their oral hygiene. It allows you to monitor your daily brushing with sensors for brushing activity, how much tartar is removed, and the forcefulness of brushing. As a dental monitoring tool, it encourages good brushing habits – specially for parents who want to make sure their children did brush as promised!

    6. LG Home Chat

    Internet-of-Things-LG-HomeChatThis amazing gadget allows you to talk to your refrigerator and check for the requirement of contents. For example, if you are out and want to check on the cold drink stock in your fridge, just text your refrigerator.

    You can even order groceries straight from your kitchen.

    There are other similar app-enabled devices for your kitchen, from ovens to tabletops, helping to make sure that just because you’re in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to be out of contact with your family. Voice and video enabled devices are surprisingly useful, while Web-enabled devices allow you to hands-free look up recipes and important reminders as you cook.

    7. Withings Pulse12619318823_ba8eba15a8_n

    If you want to get six pack abs, you really need to fine tune your workout plan! Using this smart tracker, you can monitor your workout. In fact, you can keep track of the calories burned throughout the day ensuring that your dream of getting a fitter, perfectly toned body is transformed into reality.

    Photo credit: akrabat / Foter / (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

    8. Smart Thermometer

    TH+PKG+311For food items like meat, barbeques, etc. this gadget helps you get the exact tenderness guaranteeing authenticity of the taste experience you want to create. Baking and brewing need you to mind just how much heat you apply before compromising with the batch quality.

    What makes it a smart addition to your kitchen is that you can monitor the temperature probe anywhere in your home with a WiFi signal. Monitor your meals and its cooking progress to finish multiple dishes at the same time.

    9. Spherical Hard Drive

    375994975_61a3a134e1The Lacie Christofle Sphere is a designer hard drive ideal for people who want to add a tint of glamor to the regular office baggage. What’s more is that it is portable and serves the purpose of storing data as an art form.

    You don’t have to worry about it rolling away. It has a flat bottom to sit secure on your desk, perfectly reflecting everything with a stylish mirror finish while powering up your work with a pair of super-fast USB 3.0-linked 500GB Solid State Drives.

    Honestly though? The thing is so beautiful, portability probably also brings the temptation to steal it. It’s just so mesmerizing.

    Photo credit: Bejan / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    10. Smart Glasses

    medium_9980010036Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

    The name says it all! Probably the gadget with the most promise  to transform our future lifestyle, they are only now becoming practical and affordable.

    We have already seen the one released by Google but there are several others with different features. These glasses are packed with computing abilities, camera features and a lot more to give the user a memorable experience wherever they may go.

    But there’s more than just these portable gadgets.  Our criteria for this Top 10 for 2014 is what we found amusing at the time. Why not have a look at the strange selection of some of the Latest Unique Gadgets That May Improve Your Standard of Living?


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