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Best Portable Speakers

Wireless/Remote Bluetooth speakers work with almost all mobile devices (Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) and numerous Android tablets, and in addition most portable speakers work with all iPhones, iPads, and all iPod Touch models (aside from the first-gen Touch). Sound devotion is regularly a stage down from the non-Bluetooth alternatives like AirPlay speakers – however quite a few people can’t hear the distinction, and the nature of Bluetooth speakers has enhanced lately. Note that numerous Bluetooth speakers are outlined with rechargeable batteries, so they can be moved from space to live without any difficulty.

Your phone cut the rope, so now is the right time for you to set your music free and purchase a Bluetooth speaker. Thankfully, there’s one suited for everybody out there. Some Bluetooth speakers exceed expectations at pressing in as much usefulness as the unit can deal with while holding the cost down. Whatever way you decide to go down, you’ll be welcomed with numerous alternatives to suit your own tastes.

The main thing remaining in your direction is dealing with what’s justified regardless of your cash and what most certainly is definitely not. To help you in your voyage, we’ve gathered a rundown of the best Bluetooth speakers accessible at this moment as far as worth, execution and outline; and also some other portable speakers with creative features.

Listening to music on a mobile device can be a simple approach to jam while you’re on motion. But if the speakers on your mobile device i.e. smart phones, tablet or mp3 player don’t shake your reality, there’s no motivation to sing soul. Good news that these little speakers now come in every shape, size and price range — and some are even solar powered and waterproof.

Best Portable Speakers for your Pick – any day, any time

Portable Speakers Features

Best Portable Speakers

  1. Braven BRV-1. Price @ $179. Available at Amazon stores.

This is a rugged, palm-sized portable speaker that blasts great-sounding music for up to 12 hours nonstop. It’s built TOUGH to withstand when dropped, spilled on and tripped over. It is a dynamic cool source for the coolest gadget-related, awe-inspiring party trick available. Even when dunked in water (fish tanks are fun), just watch it burble to the beat, then take it out and watch it spit water out in sync with the music — that it is still playing. It’s a small power house like owning your mini Dancing Fountain show. Spectacular, it is one sensational little speaker.

Pros: It is Weatherproof and has very good battery life, also can be a phone battery backup

Cons: Just some weak treble tones – nothing to worry about though!

For those fokls who enjoy life and yet don’t want to spend much, this may be the Bluetooth speaker for you at $179.

Features: At 4.75 x 3.25 x 2.25 inches, the BRV-1 doesn’t take up much space and at 12 ounces, the BRV-1 won’t weigh down your pack. BRV-1 houses two drivers for stereo sound. Play button also answers and ends calls on the speakerphone. With battery indicator, 3.5-mm analog audio input and a USB port to charge a smartphone. Also a point to connect a microUSB cable to charge the BRV-1. Battery Life up to 12 hours of playback.


  1. Beats Pill – @ $199. Available at Amazon.

The Beats Pill weighs around 1 pound and fits in your palm like a coke-can and can play your pop music all night and day. This stuff changes tracks easily and can receive a Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 28 ft far. Portable as obvious, it also comes in different shades of colors, from classic red, pink, black and gray, to a neon rainbow of colors that include green, orange and eye-popping blue. This speaker will make you stand out for its uniqueness.


Awesome design.

Full of accessories.

Dynamic audio quality

And Impressive Bluetooth range.

Clear conference calls


Has no buttons to change tracks.

Some little distortion at high volume

Music reproduction is weak and lacks bass

Limited battery life at least 8 hours

Key Features:

4x 1in 3W drivers; Bluetooth connectivity; Call conferencing ; Up to eight hours battery life

Manufacturer: Beats by Dr Dre


  1. Bose SoundLink II – Priced @ $299. Available at Amazon

With the Bose brand domination, you can’t beat the audio and you sure do know it is going to rock and you’re going to get what you bargained for. This BOSE model is simply the best amongst all of the Bluetooth speakers here. It produces sounds so clear and crisp, with little distortion, no matter how high you crank it up. At around 3 pounds weight, it also has a memory capacity of 6 Bluetooth devices. If you can afford this model, you likely already have a pretty fancy speakerphone too.


This model is compact, smooth, and with balanced sound. It doesn’t distort on high volume. This is an evolution of the first version that sounds even better than the original model.


Somewhat expensive at $299.

  1. Geneva Sound Model XS – Priced @ $199. Available at Amazon

Geneva Sound System Model XS is simply one of the best portable models available also. This brand is pretty small, sleek and weighs around 20-ounce. This speaker is mounted within a small leather case – pop it open and the wonders click. This stuff delivers true hi-fi sound at every range. Geneva Sound Model XS digital amplifier and stereo speakers play mid and high frequencies better than most others, and the woofer is capable of producing robust bass response below 80Hz.


Simply folds up into a built-in protective case to keep it safe for you when traveling. Combines an alarm clock, radio and Bluetooth speaker into a compact unit great for travel.


Since the controls are on a touch panel at the top and are closely put together, this makes it obvious to push the wrong button at most times and no FM radio station presets.


  1. Eton Rugged Rukus – Priced around $99. Available at Amazon

The Eton Rugged Rukus is wedge-shaped, a little wicked sound blaster that is perfect for anything outdoors. Wireless and taps energy from solar – makes it an impressive list of tech specs which can sync with the sun, keep music pumping for up to 10 hours and charge up your mobile phone. This brand has a twin 2.5-inch stereo speakers and a “bass boost” function and weighs around just a little more than a pound. Very durable and lightweight and could actually double as a funky digital point. Not for the home alone, it’s also so great on the go, and can attach to a backpack or belt.


20 inch squared solar panel for charging in direct sunlight

USB charging for smartphone

Built-in lithium battery – long lasting

Four LED indicators that show when battery is charging, when it is low and when Bluetooth is on

Solid hard plastic casing that protects against falls

AC charging

Easy to use

8 hours of battery powered playback

Crystal-clear sound

Can also be strapped to the back


No Micro USB cord for charging devices


  1. HMDX JAM Plus Bluetooth – Priced @ $59. Accessible at Amazon

We can’t utilize “jam” and not mention the HMDX Jam Plus. This speaker is only 3 inches tall, and arrives in a rainbow of brilliant hues, each inventively bundled in what resembles a hard-plastic jam container. It picks up your mobile device to the extent of 30 ft away. What’s cool about this brand and model is that you can purchase a second one and daisy chain the two together remotely, to make genuine stereo sound by means of the flip of a switch.


Easy to use


Powerful Stereo mode


Short battery life; though the battery will last for almost 4 hours of uninterrupted play time.


  1. Logitech UE Mobile Boombox. Estimated @ $99. Accessible at Amazon

For not as much as a hundred bucks, this is a ton of murmur (in a decent manner) for the cash. This Ultimate Ears adaptation is a metal speaker packed in an elastic case; square, with adjusted edges — sort of like a few individuals we know. It’s little, lightweight and simple to pack in a purse or knapsack, can serve as a speakerphone, belts out the tunes for 10 hours of battery life and conveys amazing sound quality (two 1-inch full-range drivers). While it won’t clear out a recognizing audiophile, a large portion of us will love to play … and listen … and totally get our groove on.


This is simply tiny, portable, inexpensive and has very good clear sound with solid speakerphone function.


The Speakerphone though clear, doesn’t get really loud.


  1. The Harman Infinity One is the most lavish speaker on our rundown and its likewise one of the best values around. The sound execution is best-in-class with amazingly profound bass and rich sound making up whatever remains of the mark. Also, this speaker houses each advanced component that one could seek in a Bluetooth speaker, as NFC integration, USB charging and meeting calling. A major piece of the value goes to the staggering outline set forward by Harman. The whole walled in area is a matte grille that takes into account sound to pour out of every side. You’re getting your cash’s worth here. Accessible at Amazon

This one is a sound pedigree and illuminates when music plays. Highly impressive to both hold and hear.


Built-in Bluetooth streams music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device

NFC (Near Field Communication) one-touch pairing with compatible devices

wireless range: 30 feet

USB port to recharge smartphones and other compatible devices

internal microphone for hands-free wireless speakerphone operation

water-resistant silicone sealants

illuminated controls for quick and easy operation

stereo minijack input for portable devices

built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts up to 10 hours

AC power adapter

USB mini input for charging

8-15/16″W x 3-15/16″H x 3-3/4″D

weight: 2.86 lbs.

warranty: 1 year

Pros: Super great and no Cons on this; hence highly recommended buy!


  1. Harman Kardon Esquire Mini – Many Bluetooth speakers are compact, yet not very many are sufficiently smaller to fit in your jean pocket. The Esquire Mini is a svelte choice for those with a talent for outline who just can’t be isolated from their music. It’s hard not to be inclined toward this speaker taking into account its looks alone, however thankfully, its execution packs an astounding punch. For its size, the battery life and sound quality will inspire you. Accessible at Amazon for $149.95


This has a crisp audio performance and could get quite loud for a speaker this size. Cute, with built-in speakerphone. Good battery life.


Distorts on some deep bass tracks, even at modest volumes.


  1. Fluance Fi30 – One stare at this speaker may make you surmise that it costs a little fortune. Coming in forcefully at $149, the Fluance Fi30 loves challenging desires and the demonstration doesn’t stop at its shockingly low cost. It additionally sounds extraordinary. With room-filling sound, we’ve got a quality pressed speaker that can cut down the house. Not at all like the others on this rundown, the Fi30 isn’t as to a great degree versatile as they may be. Accessible at Amazon


This has a crisp, clean audio performance and a simple, attractive wood design. Provides USB port for charging external devices. An attractive, affordable Bluetooth speaker system.


No volume or playback controls and lacks big bass response.


  1. Denon Envaya – There are the individuals who lean toward that their Bluetooth speaker covers up on display with a basic outline that doesn’t sound too boisterously. At that point, there are the individuals who need something that represents itself with no issue with striking hues. In case you’re a piece of the recent party, look at the Denon Envaya. At $199, this work area amicable choice doesn’t come shoddy, however the full stable, NFC blending and 10 hours of battery life give a lot of motivation to hop on this bright fleeting trend. Additionally, the Envaya can likewise be balanced so you can locate the ideal listening angle. Accessible at Amazon for $199.


Bluetooth v.3.0 Audio Streaming

NFC-Enabled for Quick Pairing

Dual 40mm Full-Range Drivers

40mm Passive Bass Radiator

32 ms of End-to-End Latency

CD-Quality Sound

Noise-Canceling Spearkerphone

10-Hour Rechargeable Battery


Carrying Pouch Included


Has Built-in microphone

Control buttons and battery indicator

Protected against splashing water

10-hour battery Life and 2.5-hour charge time


A bit on the high side at $199 but worths it though


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