Top Ten Ways To Save Cell Phone Battery

My phone is dying
Save Cell Phone Battery

Save Cell Phone Battery

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Cellphone charge is a major concern for many of us as the charge goes down most of the time within a day. Some complain about losing the charge within a few hours of fully charging the phone. The cellphone charge is one thing that’s being used all the time no matter what we do with our phone. If we can analyze a little bit and eliminate the sources that are causing the battery to drain unnecessarily, the battery would last longer as intended by the manufacturers. If we have to stay out longer during the day for some reason, just following these tricks before heading out can help us get the charge to last for a longer time. Check out these top ten ways to save the power in your cellphone when you really have no charger handy or have no power source to plug your charger.

Save Cell Phone Battery

Save Cell Phone Battery

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1. Turn off the vibrate function completely

Save Cell Phone Battery

Save Cell Phone Battery

The vibrate function needs a lot of charge as it has to make movement of mechanical parts in the motor which requires more energy. Turning off the vibrate function completely from all type of alerts and ringtones can save us a lot of charge. Turn off vibrate for text, ringtone, silent mode and touch feed back. Save Cell Phone Battery

2. Reduce the volume or turn it off for some alerts

Save Cell Phone Battery

Save Cell Phone Battery

Reducing the volume of your ringtone and by turning off the volume for text or other alerts  can help to save battery life. Turn off sound for Facebook and other social media update alerts. Reduce the volume of your ringer and speaker to a comfortable level. Also turn of any audible reminder alerts or calendar alerts.

Save Cell Phone Battery

3. Decrease the screen brightness


Decreasing the brightness of the screen can save some extra power. The brighter the screen the sooner the batter drains. The best thing to do is to set it on auto so that it adjusts to required brightness and saves power. Use of a dark wallpaper or background can also help to save some more battery as the dark background requires less power.

4. Limit the use of car charger or any travel chargers

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Car chargers or travel chargers which are not recommended by cellphone manufacturers are made with different power output levels to speed up the charging time which is actually bad for the battery as the extra power can cause your phone to over heat and dry up the battery faster and thus reducing its efficiency

5. Use a good battery saver app from the app store

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Using a good battery saver app helps a lot in saving the battery and also helps to shutdown unnecessary programs that causes the phone to perform slowly. Every app that is running in the background is consuming power to keep it running. There are really good battery saver apps that can effectively close all the unwanted process running in the background without your knowledge.

 6. Decrease the screen time-out to below 15 seconds


Even when you make a call the screen stays on which is unnecessary unless you are making a video call. If you have your screen timeout set low this will automatically turn off the screen while you are on a voice call, thus saving some extra power for you to talk longer. When you are using your phone and also doing something else like talking to a friend or watching a game you happen to be on and off your phone every 2 minutes and the screen time out can turn off the screen for you.

7. Turn off wifi and Bluetooth functions when its not required


WiFi and Bluetooth drains a good percentage of battery if they are left turned on. The phone has to keep communicating with the network if the WiFi is on all the time. Turn off WiFi, 3G, 4G and Bluetooth services if you are not going to use internet for a long time. Using the internet causes a lot of power consumption, you can limit or avoid the use of internet when you really need power to make calls.

8. Send text messages instead of making calls


This sounds crazy, but making calls consumes a lot of power as the phone has to convert your voice into digital signals and also transmit these signals to a tower which consumes an enormous amount of power. When you make a call every second counts and even if you are talking or not the phone has to send the signal for all the seconds that your call lasted. Whereas, a text can send the same info but with less power and time. If you are good at short texting like “np” instead of “no problem” you can send a lot of info within a text. Prepare your text in your mind before typing on the phone and type it quickly or use the mic to auto type it.

9. Keep your phone away from exposure to hot temperature


Don’t expose your phone to any hot surface or places like fireplace or direct sunlight. If your phone heats up this can drain the battery so fast as the heat dries the battery and thus the battery loses its capacity to hold power for a longer time. Don’t talk on the phone for a long time as it heats up the phone and also your body temperature transfers to your phone via your hands and your ears causing the phone to heat up and lose power faster.

10. Don’t use loudspeaker and wired or Bluetooth headphones

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Using the speaker causes a lot more power consumption as the energy required to operate the loudspeaker is obviously more than the normal speaker, the same goes for headphones. A wired headphone needs a lot of power to operate and that power is served by your phone. Headphones have two speakers which consumes a lot of power, and a Bluetooth headphone needs the Bluetooth transmission to work even though the power for the Bluetooth headphone is served by a dedicated battery in the Bluetooth headset.


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