Self Defense Gadgets – Top Ten Concealable Items!

Top Ten Strange But Concealable Self-Defense Gadgets

More and more people are staying out really late these days, because of the nature of their work, the distance from their workplace or school, or simply because they enjoy hanging out with friends until the wee hours of the morning. The night life is exciting, but do mind that there are also people out there who intent on using the night for harmful activities.

As always, going out in groups and keeping from going to any isolated areas of your party place are some of the best strategies to keep yourselves safe and secure. But it is not rare that we can find ourselves singled out and defenseless.

Some may also have techniques and skills to defend themselves even from multiple attackers. These martial arts and self-defense skills can only be acquired with hundreds of hours practicing from a teacher, however.

In the meantime that we are still not capable of protecting ourselves with our body and skills alone, there are certain gadgets and devices which can be handy as our means of self-defense. These self-defense measures are better when they’re easy to hide or can be in plain sight disguised as something else, so that you can reach them easily and catch your attackers by surprise. You will not believe the ingenious and sometimes strange shapes these self-defense gadgets may take. Defense Gadgets

Defense Gadgets

Defense Gadgets

1. Wild Cat Key Chain

Talk about concealment through obscurity. You can hang these on your backpack and it passes up for a cute keychain. It is made of plastic so no alarms screeching whenever you need to be inspected on a metal detector. And when the need for defense comes, just place your two fingers on the cat’s eyes and you’ve got a scary punch in no time! Reusable too, though I think I might not hang on to a bloodied key chain for long.

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Defense Gadgets

Defense Gadgets

2. Unbreakable Telescopic Umbrella.
Defense Gadgets

Yes, there is such a product available for self defense. I’m sure I can hear mothers and grannies rooting for this one. The only difference between this one and the usual umbrella is the weight. It’s legal, useful, and completely unobtrusive. The manufacturers sure put this torrential defense to all abuses imaginable, so that it can protect its bearer from anything. It does not have other moving parts other than what a usual umbrella have, and it comes in both the “long rod” and the “two fold” variety. But I’m sure Johnny English would have this one on his arsenal just the same.

Fun fact: Fighting with an umbrella or walking stick is a time-honored martial art. The one Sherlock Holmes used is called bartitsu.

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3. Spider Skull Belt Buckle with (3) Throwing Cards

The cards may come useful in showing off your throwing skills, but this tough belt can come in handy in making an assailant back off at any distance. You may still need some practice handling this buckle, because using it will require that you hit a specific body part (head area or the knees) in the least number of attempts. Unless you can handle it ala Indiana Jones that is.

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4. Lipstick Stun gun

Stun guns have a come a long way as the choice for self defense, and making a lipstick version should not come as a surprise anymore. I would even have thought this is still the stuff of spy movies, but hey, you’ve got a lipstick taser! It might not come with the flying barbs and wire due to its size, it will only be very useful for assailants in VERY close contact. And someone who is planning to use this one better not mix it with the retouch kit!

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5. Tampon Stun Gun (The Pink Stinger)

Go girl power! This product, the function of which may not be unusual, has been designed with the women users in mind. Though the name might suggest images other than what it is, it is still a stun gun and a wired zapper in one. There is that component which has the “tampon cotton” material as an integral part though. And it smells great too. Talk about the feminine side of self defense.

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6.Knife Comb

Well, here’s another ingenious concealment for a deadly device! I’m sure this might not be a “new” idea for hiding a knife, although cases of getting attacked of knife hidden in a comb is but a rarity, so it is possible we usually pass by it in the regular all-items store or side street vendors. But the idea of combining two devices whose functions are hugely unrelated (one for personal grooming and the other largely for slicing and dicing in the kitchen), I just cannot wrap my head around its conception (I guess unless you are shaving with a knife!). So it is still a strange gadget for me.

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7. Sap Cap Baseball Hat

This cap has a material sewn into to it that has the density of lead! So, until such time that you can run away from the assailant, beat him senseless with this cap. It might not matter where you hit him with a cap this big and heavy, your attacker will probably ache all over and just plain give up. The only literal downside of this device would be that you’ll be wearing a overly heavy cap.

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8. Blast Knuckles

I thought this was a pun for what adjective I usually encounter for this device, but it actually has a blast (or rather a stunner) in front of a regular knuckle . The device is made of rubber and stun tips are out front , where you can zap your assailant ( and maybe hit them in the face as well). I think, with the stun gun’s short charge life, you can keep on defending yourself with this two-in-one device handy when the charge runs out (hopefully the stun will disable him first before the knuckle does).

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9. Stun Jacket

Talk about total protection! This sleek stylish jacket can send out thousands of volts for any touchy-feely assailant once in contact with fabric. The stun controls is inside the jacket which the wearer can control will send out electricity on outside the jacket and to the grabber and totally disable him, while keeping the user snug and safe inside. The inventor mentioned the device has been developed as anti-assault and rape technology. And the clothing design is pretty unassuming (look, no visible wires!) so women can use it as any regular jacket.

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10. Pin Knuckle case

I guess by far this is the most obvious self defense device, but to incorporate it to your mobile device protection is taking it a notch higher. While you may not be actually looking for trouble, showing this while doing your usual mobile communication may fend off the average thug, and hopefully no one will ever get hurt. Rhianna wore this as a fashion statement.

But do check with your local authorities on the laws regarding using this defense device in public. You might not know about the legality of using them, and get you to a different kind of trouble in the process.

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