Top 15 Smart Gadgets Used by Brilliant Students!

Top 15 Gadgets Used by Really Smart Students!
Smart Gadgets

Smart Gadgets

The 21st century’s campus guy is cool and tech-savvy. Neither a slave to technology nor  blinded to the opportunities in the world around him, he exhibits an effortless mastery of controllers, earphones, data sources, and mobile phones. He can multi-task and use several gadgets at the same time to accomplish his work in a lightning flash. He knows what’s what and what’s to come. Smart Gadgets

This may sound a bit futuristic, but it’s already part of what our society takes for granted. Students need to be digitally literate if they hope for good, gainful employment in the future. Student gadgets are needed to keep pace with the ever-accelerating learning environment. Whether you need to tinker with a gadget to ease the tedium, or to finish your schoolwork faster, there’s so many new gadgets coming out every week that it may feel bewildering.

Let us help you pick out the best gadgets to take to class. Here are the top 15 latest gadgets for  smart students.   

Smart Gadgets

Smart Gadgets

1. Universal Anti-Theft Security Grip with Stand, Smart Gadgets

Whatever gadget you’re bringing to school, your very first concern should be how to keep your possessions safe. What nice about this device is that it’s worth taking along even just as a sturdy but stylish all-metal tablet stand that you can tilt and rotate for any viewing angle.

You can then secure it to tables with prepared clamps and screws or to anything else with 59 inches of strong steel cord. It has round, tamper-proof locks that can only be unlocked by your keys – no combinations to brute-force!

It is compatible with all tablet sizes from iPad Minis, Nexus, iPad Air, Kindle, and many others.


A868B2. AVerTVHD Volar MAX

Sleek and small, Volar MAX lets you watch programs from local channels right on your laptop. You can also record games and other programs, and then replay them, which makes it an excellent device for providing commentary and video reviews. Volar MAX comes with an antenna and tuner software.

Teachers and those who will be called up to present using live media will find this an invaluable tool for their projects.



Smart Gadgets

Smart Gadgets


3. Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Have you ever had a teacher who spoke so fast you couldn’t keep track of what he said? Here’s the student gadget solution to your woes: Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, which not only acts as your writing tool but also doubles as a recording device. It can store up to 2GB of information, and it can also automatically sync what you have written onto your computer.




4. Laser Virtual Keyboard

You could swear that you are in an Iron Man movie with the newest virtual keyboards, which are projected onto any flat surface and laid out in full QWERTY style. No more touchscreen keyboards eating up half the screen or add-on keyboards that reduces portability.

The virtual keyboard is wireless and can be connected via Bluetooth through most brands of tablet and smartphones.



5. Shure SE115 MicroSpeakers

Studying in around school and in cafes can be a bit distracting, and these micro speakers are what you need. They cancel out the noise in the background without compromising on the sound quality of what you really want to hear. So if you want to study and still listen to Mozart, nothing can stop you. Soundproof your study time with SE115 MicroSpeakers that also comes with a nylon case and plastic earbud cords.




6. Superpen

The name says it all – it’s a pen that’s just super convenient for students studying foreign languages and technical terms. It automatically scans and translates text, with text-to-speech functionality and sending scanned data to word processing applications on the computer.

With storage power of around 1,000 pages of text, the Quicktionary 2 Superpen can also work like a dictionary app where you could hear words being pronounced properly. It comes with over 30 different dictionaries for download, and the first two (other than English) are free!





7. Ultra Measure Master Scientific Calculator

Even though almost any smartphone or tablet has a built-in calculator function, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need to bring a scientific calculator. Take your phone out and risk it being confiscated in class. Take out your tablet during a test, and you may be accused of cheating.

There are a lot of scientific calculators to help out with your equations, but it is in opinion of this editor that the most common use you’ll get from a calculator is unit conversion. Pounds to kilogram, ounce to milliliters, measurements for mass and volume, temperature, percentages, and so on – these are problems that we often encounter in our daily lives.

This scientific calculator allows you to easily convert between 60 Metric and Imperial units, with dedicated functions for solving area, volume, flow rate, pressure, velocity, and temperature.



8. MyBoogieBoard LCD Writing Pad

Say hello to the paperless revolution with the LCD writing pad, which is a perfect companion for the electronic book reader. You could write notes with a stylus pen, save your notes, and delete the ones you don’t need – all without wasting paper made from trees and adding more bulk to your bag. You can also sync your notes instantly via Evernote and transfer them to your email for forwarding.




9. Kindle DX Graphite

And on that note, an ebook reader is still the best-way to collate much of your reference material, well-loved classics, and young adult novels sans the bulk and weight of toting paperbacks.

The Kindle DX, Amazon’s latest gadget on the block, weighs 0.5 kg and boasts a 9.7” eye-soothing E-ink screen and more than 3 GB of storage. Amazon says it can even store up to 35,000 ebooks. As always, you get free wireless 3G to download and read books in your Kindle account anywhere and at any time.





10. Brita Ultramax Water Dispenser

While having coffee while studying is cool (and perhaps a little stereotypical), keeping hydrated through the day is actually very important for your physical and mental health.

Don’t risk school fountains and faucets with Brita Ultramax, a king-size water dispenser that filters your H2O for a clean and great-tasting drink. It filters out lead, benzene, mercury, copper, chlorine, bacteria, and all other things that affect the taste of tap water (and ice cubes made out of it).

It can store up to 10 glasses and its electronic gauge would also tell you if the filter needs cleaning or replacement. While it might not exactly be something you’d want to carry in your backpack daily, it’s the best way to save the environment and reduce expenses for your team in terms of always buying and ditching bottles of mineral water.



11. Logitech N100 Cooling Pad

Despite what the word suggests, it is not advisable to put your laptop on your lap lest you want to develop burns from how today’s powerful processors and demanding applications pump out so much waste heat.

Anyone can get a cheap cooling pad, but the smart student picks the cooling pad for maximum comfort, maximum stability to prevent the laptop from sliding off, and minimal bulk to fit easier inside the backpack.

The Logitech N100 Cooling Pad has a rear air intake and grilled vents for low-noise operation, less dust, and has little impact on power consumption. It has a sturdy but stylish uncluttered design that slides neatly between your books. It weighs next to nothing but can fit all sizes of laptops from ultrabooks to 15.6 gaming laptops.



12. ZVOX Mini Surround Sound Speaker

This compact yet powerful surround-sound system gives you the feeling of being in a high-class soundstage. It produces premium sound and can fit anywhere in the room. No need to worry about multiple speakers, tangled wires and making it a major moving-out montage to get great sound for your class stage play, stage event, or movie presentation.

This 13-inch wide speaker contains three smaller speakers and a subwoofer with Phase Cue sound data modulation technology to ‘trick’ your ears into thinking the sound is coming from different points of the room.

It weighs a mere 7 pounds and setup couldn’t be any simpler! It also has a remote control for covert on-site audio control.





13. Canon Pixma IP 100

It’s a fact of school life that you’ll need to do a lot of printing. This is the super printer, so to speak, able to print out a lot of pages in just a few minutes. It can print out photo lab-quality pictures in 50 seconds. It has an unbelievably high-resolution print head.

What’s more, it is super portable at just 12 inches wide and weighing just 4 pounds. It’s super power efficient, at only approximately 9 watts while printing. This is the print engine that supercharges a group project.




14. WorldSIM Tri-Fi Pocket Wifi and Router

The pocket wifi is more than just an academic tool, but increasingly an essential travel gadget. Why suffer the speed caps and data blocking of an overburdened campus network? Smart students rely on a pocket wifi for private, secure internet or sharing with the team as a mobile hotspot.

The WorldSIM Tri-Fi is the solution for students (and parents) who don’t want the hassle of being locked into a plan. It’s really made for the global traveler. While WorldSIM’s rates start at $0.12 per MB (serving 135 countries), the Tri-Fi comes unlocked; meaning you can use any SIM from any other ISP.

But much more than that, this small device is also a 5200 mAh Power Bank for your devices and has a slot for a 32 GB SD Card for important information backups and sharing through the ad hoc wireless network.



 15. WD Wireless Backup Drive

 At some point in a student’s life, it’s almost guaranteed that they realize that memory sticks just aren’t good enough anymore to handle all their data. To preserve all this important, but infrequently accessed data, the best solution is a wireless backup drive with capacities from 500 GB to 2 TB.

Wireless Digital’s MyPassport drives allow simultaneous wireless usage by up to 8 different devices or through the high-speed USB 3.0 port. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery to keep you connected even without any tangling wires. And of course, the WD MyCloud is the student’s best friend when it comes to protecting their course requirements from unexpected data loss.



Smart students use technology to keep them focused on what’s truly important.

If you’re a parent and you want your child to succeed… it’s not just a matter of getting them the latest gadgets. You also need to make sure that you pick  gadgets that can directly assist in their studies – and more importantly – that can take being bumped around, deeply discharged, heat and humidity, and all that wear and tear from the frenetic campus life.

What other school gadgets do you children use? Please help out other parents stressing out about whether the expense is worth it by leaving a comment below.

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