Top Ten Cool Things to Do With Your New Smart TV

Top Ten Cool Things to Do With Your New Smart TV

The TV is the heart of your home’s entertainment system. Big-screen TVs do more than just attempt to bring a cinema experience to the home, it’s also a way to bring the family together and keep updated on everything you need to know.

Today’s Smart TVs do more than just passively deliver TV shows and play movies from an attached media player. In many ways, your big-screen TV can empower your daily home living in ways you may not have expected. While some features may only be available on certain models, read on to see the top ten ways you can use your new TV than just flipping through channels.

Smart Tv

1. Video/Skype Chat and Calls

Some TVs have integrated Skype features so that you can use your TV for chatting, video calls, and video-conferencing. You may need to buy an additional webcam, or it may come with a built-in camera and audio pickup. With a Skype-ready TV, you’ll be using the power of Internet connectivity in a way you just can’t match with a comparatively tiny computer monitor.
Keep in touch with your family, friends, and business partners. It is the closest thing to being there in person.

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2. Pen Drive Instant Content

Many high-end TVs have a USB port and natively supports many media formats, from images to video. No need to connect to your computer or purchase a media player; view photos from your camera, videos and movies read straight from your flash memory device. Fast and easy and no risk of viruses!

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3. TV Shopping

We’re all familiar with TV shopping channels and calling a toll-free number. We’re also familiar with online shopping and clicking a mouse. Now your TV may allow you to buy from a designated shopping channel or through online connectivity at the push of a button on your remote!

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Smart Tv

Smart Tv

4. Live Event Broadcasting

The data from your video camera may be sent through WiFi to a large TV screen for the enjoyment of guests. A broadcast screen in your living room is a great way to give your party, wedding, and other celebrations the feel of a big wide event. Make announcements, show those inside what’s happening outside and make your own exclusive TV spot interviews!

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5. Gaming Screens

There’s nothing like high-definition gaming on the big screen. All consoles and video cards can connect to the latest TVs, so get ready to experience total immersion in sight and sound. Most of all, be there in the game with interactive motion games on the Wii and Kinect – fish, race, dance, battle, rock out, stay fit and more!

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7. Music Radio

Smart Tv

Smart Tv

While it may seem counter-intuitive to use a TV (a medium primarily of sight) as radio (of sound), many modern TVs are capable of picking up radio channels as well. It’s great for setting up the mood or keeping your concentration on another task. The best thing about a radio music channel is how unpredictable it is – the next song on the playlist may be the spark you need to revitalize your day in a completely new direction.

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small__4177769368. Web Browsing Streamlined

While it is easy to connect any modern TV to your computer through HDMI or DVI (or even just VGA, for low-end TV/monitors), some smart TVs go further by having the feature to browse the Internet built-in. Some have browsers like Google TV or Smart TV, while others are Internet Connectable appliances that display through specialized apps.

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9. Watch YouTube on your TV

small__12049774405Youtube for TV is one of the previously mentioned specialized apps. If your TV does not come with this feature, your DVD player may have it instead. Connect through WiFi and access the almost limitless store of videos up on Youtube – laugh with real-life funny videos, be inspired by archived footage and instructional videos, catch up on old TV shows, see what’s really happening the world as shared by people like you and me, and more. The days of crowding your friends around a tiny laptop or monitor screen are done and gone!

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10. Streaming Movies

Netflix and Hulu Plus and other providers can stream or download movies to your TV or media player. Watch any movie on demand, in the highest possible quality, without fragile discs eating eating up shelf space. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it in their massive digital stocks. Make your own themed marathon movie night!

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Ever-larger but also becoming more affordable and even more power-efficient, having a bigscreen TV is no longer a wish for many households. How about you? How does having a bigscreen TV impact your life?

Did a SmartTV really improve your entertainment experience compared to the passive way of showing channels whose content you cannot control? The TV was once called the ‘idiot box’, but now do you feel it helps you learn and improve yourself?

We’d love to hear it! Please leave a comment below.

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