Top Ten Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories
Best smartphone accessories
Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

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The addition of phone accessories is what makes phone more productive and personal to us. Be it a cable, a cradle or a screen shield, these accessories improves the functionality of these devices with respect to our needs. There are lots of different accessories for smart phones out there. Here is a list of a few of them.

  1. Crystalusion Liquid Glass
Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

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This is a revolutionary product which makes use of a liquid glass. Made from Silica molecules, it replaces the conventional screen protector. The silica is suspended in ethanol, when placed on your device, it forms an ultra-thin barrier against dust, finger prints, abrasion and bacterial. Smartphone Accessories.

  1. Skins For iPhones, Android and Blackberry
Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

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These are light weight and non-obstructive cases. They are an excellent way to protect your phone from scratches and simultaneously customize them to your taste. There are a plethora of skins online and at your local store where you can get one today.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3 MHL/HDMI Adaptor
Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone Accessories

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This adaptor was developed for this device to provide HDMI output for your HD TV or any device with an HDMI input. With this you can play games, browse the internet or even watch a movie via the micro USB connection, charging your phone simultaneously.

  1. Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone, Blackberry, and others

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This phone accessory allows you connect with your world on the go especially when you are driving. Through a blue tooth connection, you connect with your phone, receiving and making calls while you drive. With this accessory, there is no fear of violating the text and drive regulation.


  1. Micro SIM Card Cutter

Micro SIM enabled devices are becoming more popular by the day. It is not very convenient switching from the standard SIM to the Micro SIM as this would require you involving your network service provider. With this accessory, you get the job done from the comfort of your home. It comes with adapters that allows you use the smaller SIM in the conventional SIM slot.

  1. Nokia Lumia 820/920 Wireless Charging Plate

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Have you ever wished you did not need a cable to charge your phone? If yes, this accessory makes that wish come true. Developed for Nokia 820 and 920, you can charge your phone without wires by just placing the phone on the plate and it charges it all the way.

  1. Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

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This accessory makes your smart phone double as a media playing device. With an excellent set of Stereo Bluetooth headphones, the multimedia experience is unmatched. These devices connect to your smart phone via a blue tooth connection and plays your media files. This makes those pesky cords irrelevant and obsolete.

  1. Memory Card Wallet For Smart Phone Media Card Storage

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Do you have so many memory cards and wished you could have them all organized in one place? This accessory makes that possible as it comes with a variety of slots that makes it simple to keep tap on those Micro SD cards your phone uses as well as other memory cards of varying sizes.

  1. Universal Smart Phone Charger & Adaptor

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There is a significant shift towards the use of micro USB as the standard for charging port. With is charger you can switch adaptor when there is the need to charge different gadgets. This eliminates the need to carry more than one cable. It is very cost effective.

  1. Smart Phone Battery Extender Packs


Imagine your level of confidence when you have a fully charged back packed battery. These battery extender packs adds more battery juice to your smart phone. Although they might be a bit bulky, they keep your smart phone running for an extended period of time.

Take advantage of our list of accessories and get the most out of your smart phones. These accessories personalizes your device, enabling you get the best out of it all the way.

Smartphone Accessories.


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