Top 10 Most Useful Solar Gadgets

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Solar powered devices are efficient, cool, and now affordable enough to replace other systems. Have a look at these 10 top solar power gadgets and you will surely feel like buying one too!



Solar Gadgets

Solar Gadgets

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Solar Gadgets

1. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K750-

The motto for this wonderful gadget is “If you’ve got light, you’ve got power”. It makes your typing experience a fun thing to do as it doesn’t require any batteries or wires. The convenience of a wireless keyboard setup without the hassle of having to keep spare AAA batteries on hand. You aren’t required to go outside to recharge your keyboard as recharging indoors from standard room lights is enough to keep this keyboard going.



Solar Gadgets

Solar Gadgets

2. Eton Mobius

This product is meant for the iPhone user to recharge on the go. Designed as an iPhone case with the back cover featuring a solar panel, the Mobius is thus a dual function device. In addition to adding juice to your iPhone battery, it also protects it from shocks, scratches, and dust.

But you do need to remember that this is not a full-fledged charger for your iPhone. At least, not unless you’re willing to let it stand out in the sun for several hours. It is just an alternative for free energy alternative to pep it while travelling or working late. Some time in the sun should give you the energy to make two or three short calls or receive messages. Still, the energy is free and you don’t have to fear being left out of contact if there isn’t a wall socket.


Solar Gadgets

Solar Gadgets

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3. Gorilla Solar Charger-

This charger is big and powerful! The Power Gorilla Laptop Charger can add from 2 to 5 additional battery hours for your laptop. You can also fuel your phone or other devices. The kit includes: neoprene travel case, tip pack containing 8 male and 7 female laptop connectors, tip pack containing connectors Nokia phones, Samsung phones, older Sony Eriksson phones, and a mini USB for Motorola phones, 12v car charger socket, universal AC laptop charger.


Solar Gadgets

Solar Gadgets

4. Solar Toys-

The boys go crazy about these cars and this model pretty impressive statistics such as max speed: 10 ft/second and uphill climbs of up to 30 degrees. If you are more of a F1 lover, then we recommend this red Elenco car.

  •  Gadget name : Red Elenco car
  • Price Range : $20
  • Launch Date : NA
  • Brand Name : OWI
  • Size Range : 8.3 inch L x 3.1 inch W
  • Power Source : solar
  • Built quality : NA
  • Material :plastic
  • Gadget type : car toys
  • Available at: com,,,



5. The Sun Table-

Imagine a place in your garden where you could breathe the fresh air, play on yourtablet/smartphone/laptop and not have to worry about electricity at all! The Sun Table can definitely can do it and make you feel more at ease with a powerful and independent lifestyle.

  •  Gadget name : the sun table
  • Price Range : $15
  • Launch Date : NA
  • Brand Name : NA
  • Size Range : 54’’ L x 31’’ W x 18’’ H
  • Power Source : solar
  • Built quality : water resistant
  • Material: stainless steel, teak, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylic and silicon solar cells.
  • Gadget type : laptop/ smart phone/ tablet
  • Available at:,


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6. Samsung NC215S-

This product from Samsung has some very good reviews in the market for its hardware specs and portability. It’s also absolutely solar powered. It has a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N570 dual core processor and a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel anti-glare display. What can be better than that for being sure you can work on your projects no matter where you go?


Solar Gadgets

Solar Gadgets

7. Solar Sound System for iPhone, iPodm and more

You can get this lovely Soulra Solar Powered iPod Speakers at good price and they do look great. It is rugged and water resistant and can “host” your iPhone as well and is much bigger, providing a more powerful sound.


G10                                                                                                      Photo credit: HighTechDad / Foter / CC BY

8. WakaWaka Solar Charger and Light-

If you leave this thing in the sun for a whole day and it will store up 16 hours’ worth of light! Another reason to feel good about buying this charger: not only will you help curb electricity usage, but once you purchase, WakaWaka promises to donate lights to people who need them in the developing world. Plus, they’re yellow, and you know we love anything that comes in a bright hue.


G11 Photo credit: planspark / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

9. SolSource BBQ-

If you are basically an epicure and love the outdoor social gatherings, acquiring the SolSource BBQ can be a great money saver.  This BBQ can broil, bake, grill, fry or steam your food as needed without the aid of any power source or burning fossil fuels.



10. Goal Zero Nomad 13 Travel Solar Panel-

If you like travelling from one city to another city, going on a hiking trip or going trekking, this is best thing for you. Weighing only 2 pounds and sized a little larger than an iPad, this is an absolute necessity for those who travel frequently. Check out the features.


There are many solar gadgets, devices, gizmo, and whatnot that are nor described above. The solar-power craze is expected to gain even more devotees as it seems the best way to see technology as personally empowering – free of bills and plugs and . The sun has enough energy to feed our tech desires; we just have to harness it.


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