Top 10 Gadgets with a Spy Camera

Interesting Facts

  1. The first camera required 8 hours to take a one photograph.

  2. The latest camera developed by MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture can record 1,000,000,000,000 frames per second. (1 trillion)

  3. Hasselblad H4D 200ms is the most expensive Digital Camera of 2014 with a price tag of $45,000.

  4. World’s smallest Digital camera has a diameter of just 0.99 mm was developed by Medigus ( A medical technology company).

  5. The largest photograph ever captured called “The Great Picture” measured 31ft Height and 107ft Width. (3375 Sq ft)


In the current generation, cameras have become so common that you end up encountering one wherever you go. These are some of the most unique places where we’ve seen cameras mounted/attached.

 Spy Camera.

1.      Police Badge Camera

Spy Camera

Spy Camera


Police seem to be getting smarter and smarter with each passing day because they’ve actually begun to have cameras attached to their police badges to sneakily record anything that they might find suspicious.

2.      Helmet Mounted Camera

Spy Camera

Spy Camera

You’ve probably already seen these go-pro helmet mounted cameras by now, they’re mostly used by bikers or cyclists to record whatever messed up stunts they’re trying to pull off.

3.      Weapon Mounted Camera

Spy Camera

Spy Camera

I’m not necessarily sure why a soldier would want a camera attached on top of his weapon but this is slowly becoming a common thing amongst weaponry for reasons that I’m not exactly sure of.

4.      Camera Mounted RC helicopters

Spy Camera

Spy Camera

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to take a view of the land from a birds-eye perspective. Well these make that a possibility, fly them up and record a video from a very high altitude, pretty fun actually. You could also spy on other people through their window’s if you feel like it (don’t do this though).

5.      Camera Mounted RC Car

Spy Camera

Spy Camera

The RC Camera mounted car is pretty similar to the RC helicopter but you record at the ground level instead of being high up in the air. While it may not sound as fun as the helicopter, it has its own uses.

6.      Panoramic Ball Camera


This is a truly revolutionizing gadget. It’s basically a ball that you throw out to take pictures, sounds pretty simple on paper but what you probably don’t know is that it takes a full 360 degree picture and the results are simply jaw dropping.

7.      Camera Mounted Watch


The camera mounted watch is definitely something that I’d consider buying. It has what is basically an undetectable camera so you can record anything you want even if its forbidden on top of that the watch has a pretty elegant design so that’s another plus.

8.      Camera Mounted Pen


Same concept as the Camera Mounted Watch but this time the camera is disguised inside a pen which makes it a hell of a lot more difficult to actually detect the camera so you can just go ahead and record anything that you aren’t really supposed to. It can also actually write so you won’t have a hard time convincing people that it is a genuine pen.

9.      Spy  Camera Sun Glasses


Doesn’t get any better than this because you get to avoid the blinding light of the sun and along with that you’re also able to record what you see so you’re basically getting the best of both worlds.

10.  Ring Camera


For the spy within you, this baby allows you to take a video of anything you want to while also being a pretty decent fashion accessory. I’m totally buying this if I can ever find one.


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