Talking gadgets to interact and inform you

Gadgets that can talk to you

Ten Gadgets that can talk to you

There was a time when no one imagined that machines/gadgets would be capable of speech. But that age has come and in many forms that has proven useful for everyday life and I might add in some cases it can actually save a life.

Talking gadgets

1. Talking TP- Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Talking gadgets

Talking gadgets

The talking TP talks the moment someone pulls the paper and it can play anything you record and can have music as well, easy to install and easy to use, also a good gift for April fools.

2. Hee Haw Talking Sound Wall Clock



A clock with humor as some call it, imagine having to hear jokes every hour and yes classic and corny jokes but it also knows when to keep quiet, if its dark the clock will automatically go to sleep.


3. Kidde KN-COSM-BA Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm with Talking Alarm


Talking gadgets

Talking gadgets


This thing can save your life and also tells you the hazard type detected, another feature is that you cannot install it without batteries so yes you will know when to replace them.

4.Kelvin Voice Activated Talking Programmable Thermostat

Talking gadgets

Talking gadgets

You can ask this gadget the temperature anytime and you can adjust it via “SPEECH”, this is ideal for the elderly or visually impaired.

5. Trademark Home 72-3710 Simulation Security Camera with Talking Warnings


The main feature of this gadget is called Motion Activated Panning Motion Led Light Broadcasts Several Verbal Warnings, in short will determine most criminal activity with verbal warnings.

6. Reizen Talking Save a Life CPR Audio Rescue Flashlight




A great addition to your First Aid kit, this gadget can give you instructions on how to perform CPR at the touch of a button and has two levels of security for emergency situations, and of course it also serves as a flashlight an all-in-one gadget.

7. Talking Tape Measure


A smart Tape Measure that can record measurements and can readout each measurement, This 16 foot long 3/4″ thick tape measure is just the right tool if you are not familiar with using the normal tape measure.

8. Kikkerland KRL31TC Mustache Key chain with Sound




A keychain the shape of a mustache that not only looks cool but can actually talk to you, a awesome gift to your friends.

9. Jackie’s Talking Calculator

Talking Gadgets


With this gadget we won’t have to worry about our kids not learning Math because this gadget will not only help them out with their math, but is also quite a fun gadget to use.

10. Smart Phones

And of course Smart Phones! In recent years, Apple and Google have famously launched responsive talk back software that makes their gadgets even more convenient and supportive. You have to admit that this technology is still very much in evolution and we are yet to see the very best of ‘talking’ smart phones.



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