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When we travel, we look forward to a safe and joyful journey. This is best achieved by having the right gadgets with you. We have researched and listed the topmost travel gadgets which will help you to maintain your health, track your location and help you in some of the important aspects of adventure and travel. Perhaps you might include them in your checklist for future travel packing.

Travel gadgets

1. Casio Protek PRW6000Y-1A watch

Travel gadgets, 1 casio

Travel gadgets


Watch the time, measure the pressure of air, check out the altitude, navigate in right direction with compass, charge with solar power, set alarms and do lots of activities with Casio Protek PRW6000Y-1A life saving trekking watch. This power packed watch is a must have travel gadget, which will work fantastically in any kind of weather and tense situations.

  1. Gadget name : Casio Pro Trek PRW6000Y-1A Watch
  2. Price Range     : $400 -$500
  3. Launch Date   : NA
  4. Brand Name   : Casio
  5. Size Range      : 57.9 x 52.1 x 12.8mm
  6. Power Source : Solar Rechargeable Battery
  7. Built quality    : Water proof, Military grade, Dust proof
  8. Material           : Resin
  9. Gadget type    : Travel/Adventure/Hiking
  10. Available at     :,,,

2. Steripen Ultra

Travel gadgets, 2. steripen

Travel gadgets

Purify the water in 48 seconds and get rid of harmful bacteria, hazardous virus, and germs with Steripen. It is an exceptional gadget which uses UV light to cleanse the water and make it safe to drink. Powered with a lithium ion battery, it assists you to purify water on the go.

  1. Gadget name : SteriPEN Ultra
  2. Price Range : $99.95
  3. Launch Date : NA
  4. Brand Name : SteriPEN
  5. Size Range : 3 x 1.6 x 1.3 in, 20mm (0.8 inches)Bottle
  6. Power Source : Battery included (Internal Lithium-Ion)
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : NA
  9. Gadget type : Trave/Health/Expeditions
  10. Available at :,

3. Super Fisheye Lens for Smart Phones

Travel gadgets, 3. lens

Travel gadgets

Power your smart phone with an additional magnetic eye which can capture round panorama type photos with a 235 degree view. You can also use it in front camera to take better selfies. This lens will help you to take memorable and crystal clear snaps within seconds.

  1. Gadget name : SuperFisheye™ lens
  2. Price Range : $20
  3. Launch Date : NA
  4. Brand Name : SuperFisheye
  5. Size Range : NA
  6. Power Source : NA
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : NA
  9. Gadget type : Travel, Photography.
  10. Available at :

4. InReach explorer

Travel gadgets, 4. inreach

Travel gadgets

Communicate with satellites, find the route, send messages, navigate from one location to another by using inReach explorer- An exclusive GPS gadget for you. Every 10 minutes this gadget tracks your path and aligns it with Google maps so that you can get back to the original location. It also operated in areas where mobile phones don’t have signals. In case you are lost or stranded in your trip, you can use this device to recue yourself easily.

  1. Gadget name : inReach Explorer
  2. Price Range : $379.95
  3. Launch Date : NA
  4. Brand Name    : inReach™
  5. Size Range : 7 ounces
  6. Power Source : Internal lithium polymer battery , 100 hours of battery life
  7. Built quality : Waterproof/dustproof (IP67; standard submersion to 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  8. Material : Impact-resistant
  9. Gadget type : GPS/ Tracking/Map
  10. Available at :,


5. Eclipse Solar Backpack.

5. solar

Carry the power of solar panels with your backpack, charge your devices on the go and store all your essential materials in it. The backpack is made from 1000 D Cordura fibre which is apt to face any conditions during your travel. It will also have accessory pockets, MOLLE System compatible side panels, 12 Volts auto socket.

  1. Gadget name : The Photo Pro Solar Backpack.
  2. Price Range : $239.99
  3. Launch Date :NA
  4. Brand Name : Eclipse solar gear
  5. Size Range : 18” x 13” x 8”, 3.5 lbs
  6. Power Source : Solar, Battery.
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : 1000 D Cordura
  9. Gadget type : Travel/Backpac/Backup Power
  10. Available at :,


6. Portable UV light Sanitizer wand

6. sanitizing

Kill germs, bacteria and harmful organism in anyplace, anything and anywhere in the world by moving the UV sanitizer wand over it. This travel gadget uses the UV-C light to kill germs in a flash. It can comfortably rest in you backpack purse or travel bag due to its compact size.

  1. Gadget name : Verilux Cleanwave Portable Sanitizing Wand
  2. Price Range : $39.95
  3. Launch Date : NA
  4. Brand Name : Verilux
  5. Size Range : 39” H x 1.5” W
  6. Power Source : 4 AA batteries
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : NA
  9. Gadget type : Health/Travel
  10. Available at :,,


7. Travel bag with scooter

7. travel

Move quickly and easily, Listen to music and carry your luggage with ease with this innovative gadget. You can adjust the height, control the steering and store lot of clothes in it. Traveling will be fun with this gadget.

  1. Gadget name : Micro Luggage Reloaded
  2. Price Range : $349.99
  3. Launch Date : NABrand
  4. Name    : Micro
  5. Size Range : 8 x 9.1 x 22.8 inches ; 9.5 pounds
  6. Power Source : NA
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : Wheel – Hard rubber (PU)
  9. Gadget type : Travel/Trasportation
  10. Available at :


8. Power banks

8. power bank

Charge all your electronics devices with a portable power bank. It acts like a source of power and restores charge in your devices while you are traveling. Besides the solar backpack, you can use power banks as a backup to recharge your mobile in intense situations.

  1. Gadget name : Power bank pack.
  2. Price Range : $90 – $150
  3. Launch Date : NA
  4. Brand Name : Multi-brand
  5. Size Range : 46*28*28cm
  6. Power Source : Solar and Battery
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material          : Waterproof
  9. Gadget type : Travel
  10. Available at :,


9. Jawbone wristband


Feel the warmth of this gadget in your hands and track your sleep, distance, calories burnt, food with jawbone wristband. Set power naps, alarms, connect wirelessly with your mobile phone to get real time notifications which can help you to keep your fitness in check.

  1. Gadget name : UP 24 ®
  2. Price Range : $149.99
  3. Launch Date :NA
  4. Brand Name : UP®
  5. Size Range : 81 mm W × 56 mm H,
  6. Power Source : 32mAh battery , 14 days backup
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : Nylon, Plated in Nickel, Hypoallergenic TPU rubber.
  9. Gadget type : Fitness, Health, Travel
  10. Available at :,

10. AcousticSheep SleepPhones


When you have AcousticSheep SleepPhones with you, then don’t worry about sleepless nights during your travel. This gadget cancels all the noise and external noise, so you can have a great sleep at no time. We recommend you to listen to relaxing music which will soothe your mind quickly.

  1. Gadget name : SleepPhones®
  2. Price Range : $39
  3. Launch Date : NA
  4. Brand Name : AcousticSheep LLC
  5. Size Range : hat size 6-7/8 to 7-3/8 (21.5 – 23.375 inches)
  6. Power Source : Rechargeable via micro-USB cable (included) with 8-12 hours of battery life
  7. Built quality : NA
  8. Material : machine-washable fabric
  9. Gadget type : Music, Travel, Fitness
  10. Available at :,


Using these top 10 travel gadgets can help you to have a safe, sound and healthy trip. They are not just useful gadgets, but are extremely important life saving devices in critical conditions. Let us know your views and comments on these gadgets. Have A Safe Trip!

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