Top ten trending gadgets, touch screen gadgets

Touch Screen Gadgets
Man holding object, Touch screen gadgets

Touch screen gadgets

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Touch screen gadgets

Interesting Facts

  1. The largest touch screen ever made can accept 100 multi-touch input at a time and is 10 meters long. It was developed by the University of Groningen.

  2. The First touch screen device was developed in 1960. In United Kingdom in the 1960’s by E.A.Johnson, it took 50 more years to be globally adapted to today grand scale.

  3. By the year 2016 Eighty percent of the handsets used worldwide will be smart phone’s.

  4. Steve Job’s strong hope for an afterlife is the main reason why most apple devices does not have a simple on/off switch.

  5. Apple earned $300,000 per minute and sold approximately 340,000 phones every day in 2012.


First thought which comes in mind when you think about touch screen is your phone. Keypad phones are now called as an older version of phones and touch screen has now ruled over them. It is easy to use anything through touch than typing or using mouse

This innovative approach as taken over many others gadgets also,providing us a comfort and easy to utilize feeling.

Some of the extraordinary appealing gadgets are-

Most Famous

1. Digital touch screen radio

Touch screen gadgets, Chevrolet Introduces MyLink

Touch screen gadgets

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This touch screen radio has high digital quality and allows the listener to view and interact with the programs and podcast. It is also a wireless and easy to use interface with colorful screen, along with general features, one can also download online apps and access Wi-Fi through it.

The touch screen feature allows you to interact in a very friendly way – spinning, dragging, tapping and sliding easily all over the interface, hence making it easy to use and revolutionary.

2. Logitech harmony 1100

Touch screen gadgets

Touch screen gadgets

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Facing hard time managing different remote for various devices like TV, DVD’s? Then here is a device which can replace all the remotes and will allow you to control all the devices through a single gadget. It is completely easy to use, colorful touch screen device with 3.5 inch.  It is wireless and supports around 5000 brands and 225000 devices.It is rechargeable and works effectively for all the devices.

3. High definition DSLR camera

Touch screen gadgets

Touch screen gadgets

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The DSLR high resolutions cameras are the most preferred camera everywhere.It has an 8.8 cm touch screen with exposure modes. You can also zoom, focus and preview images all by a single touch of your finger.Hence the touch in this camera makes it very smooth, easy to use and switch between various modes.

The camera has interchangeable lenses and optical view that gives you a preview of what is getting captured. It is one of the most preferred cameras at today’s date.

4. Epson Stylus Photo PX810FW

Touch screen gadgets

Touch screen gadgets

Photo Credit: Epson Hrvatska via Compfight cc

Epson Stylus is all in one device which allows one to take print, scan, copy and fax, all at home. It is wireless and touch screendevice, making it very compatible and easy to use. The touch panel is 19.8 cm large with a clear interface. The quality of the picture taken is also good. The best part is it isvery economical.

5. Touch screen desktop

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Touch screen desktop is one of the gadgets which aremore into talks now. Each and every person uses PC in today’s world and touch screen desktop is now a very attracting, useful and attention seeking device.This touch screen facility avoids majority of the work you do through keyboard and mouse, making all the task easy and less time consuming.

6. Touch screen watches

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Touch screen watches comes with various other features along with displaying time. It is a multi-sports watch which is water resistance and has stopwatch, multiple time display, day-date and alarm. It also has 3 different colors for choice.

The major reason for the success of these watches is touch screen. Because of this facility, it’s easy to explore and can use other features of the watch without introducing extra buttons and hence maintaining the appearance of the watch.

7. Touchable Sensitive TV

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Next in the queue is Touch sensitive TV’s with sharp and quick touch response. This touch sensitive display of the TV is protected by a glass, securing your TV for years to come. The resolution is also increased, hence giving more clean and clear view. It reflects 3000:1 contrast ratio along with four types of anti-image retention, which is consequently active.

8. Touch Screen Cook Book – Futuristic Kitchen


This is for all cooks, who find it difficult to collect and maintain a book of recipes.This gadget comes with multi touch surface, allowing you to get in hand with latest recipes without any worry of burning or tarring.One can also connect this device to your mobile through Bluetooth and can set up a grocery list.Well, this gadget is a perfect partner while cooking.

9. Wall Mount Remote

This is a 7 inch wall mount touch screen device which will take up the complete control of all the gadgets of your home. It can control home theater, multi-room music, temperature, security and lighting throughout a house.It comes with 802.11 connectivity to get linked to the home network, therefore it is bit expensive but worth purchasing.

10. Touch screen Mintpad

3352840662_383fc4ff82_nPhoto credit: kiyong2 / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Mintpad is a scribbling pad along with Wi-Fi connecting facility. Once you connect the gadget to Wi-Fi, it converts the scribbling pad to a digital front through which you can play media or use web browsers.

The limitation of this gadget is – You can only write through stylus as it does not have keypad and it can send notes only to those recipients who also have Mintpad.

So bring home these devices, explore and enjoy the comfort and facility provided by them.

Solution to a very usual problem

During winter it is impossible to move around with bare hands and with gloves, it becomes difficult to use touch screen gadgets.  So, here comes a touch screen gloves which will provide its warmth to your hands even in below freezing degree and will also allow you to use all your touch screen gadgets. So, keep enjoying the comfort of using touch screen gadgets even during freezing winter.


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