Top Ten unique gadgets triggered by motion

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Technology is advancing at a pace that few can keep up with, yet ironically it’s also doing so in a way to make it ever-more-convenient for the most of us, pandering to the lowest common denominator in laziness and lack of patience. Not that this is a bad thing per se, for expediency also frees consumers to direct their attention to more important concerns, such as their workflow and family matters.

Motion-activated gadgets and devices are very attention-grabbing for a good reason. There are a few devices which may already be familiar to you, such as motion triggered lights and car security alarms. But there are more promising new technologies that’s responsive to your desires!

Unique Gadgets.

Gadgets for Home

We all love our home and would always work for safety, good interior and better facilities at home.The below mentioned gadgets will add on to the safety and interiors of your home.

1. Motion Triggered Telephones

Automatic Phone Dialing Motion Detector Alarm is an intruder detector. As soon as it detects any sort of burglar, this Detector will alert you by a phone call. It has auto-dial in system and can dial up to 3 different numbers.This alert will be sent by your own recorded voice and can be placed anywhere as it is completely wireless.

2. Motion-Sensitive Air Conditioning

This Motion sensitive air conditioner will turn on as and when it senses some disturbance. It can sense opening of a door, motion of humans, hence setting up air-conditioner to on and off state.You can also get a differentiated data from this software, which will summarize on which position of the house was more active along with time.

3. Advanced Kitchen Chandeliers

This is very futuristic technology brought into the kitchen. Oniris is a beautiful set which can be used for multipurpose like preparing food, washing vessels, storage and also has a dining table.There is an LED light at the top, camera and projector.

It also projects the recipe for the food you are preparing through projector.The                 projector can also be used during various occasions like birthday and Christmas to project             images and graphics.

4. Motion Sensor Trash

What can be better, when you want to trash something and the trash tin opens automatically? Majority of people consider this as unwanted, but this is a must adapt innovation. This will keep you hygiene as this is touch free and also seals odor in it.It also has a garbage ring which keeps the bag hidden and gives a clean look.

5. Baby cry sensing cradles

unique gadgets

unique gadgets

Well, this device is very useful for all the moms out there. It becomes difficult to be with your child all the time as every mother has plenty of other responsibilities too. So here is the cradle which will take care of your baby in your absence. Once the cradle senses the cry of your baby, it will rock side by side at every 1.8 seconds, which is the same rate as an adult heartbeat. This gives a safe and relaxing feeling to the baby. It also has net all around it for safety of the child.

Gadgets for your PC

PC, laptops, tabs and phones have become very crucial part of all our life. So here are few innovative motion sensed software’s for your PC to give a sophisticated look.

6. Leap Motion sensor device

Just move your hands in the air and get surprised to see your PC and Mac performing task along with your hand movements. The ability to control your PC without even touching sounds so much innovative and ultramodern.Mouse is now replaced by your hands and will perform every task you would do through mouse.It has 2 cameras and 3 infrared lights which will track all your hand gestures along with fingers movements and transmit it to your PC. But be aware, it takes time to get in hang of this gadget.

7. Eye motion sensor device

This device is same as the Leap motion sensor. Instead of your hands, the infrared rays will track your eye movements and transmit it to the PC. So, with every small inch your eye ball moves, the mouse on your desktop will also show its movements. It is very cool to use such device, but on the other hand we should be cautious regarding our eyes as infrared rays is harmful because of its radiation.

8. Air writing sensor

unique gadgets

unique gadgets

Days for keyboard are gone now, it’s time for you to just scribble in the air and the screen will display all the words you have scribbled. You have to wear the gloves,through which it recognize the movement of the hands in air. So it’s time to laze around in air in order to type and enjoy the fun of scribbling.

9. Motion sensitive fitness

Fitbitis a motion sensitive device for tracking fitness. It has the 3D motion technique to track all the motion of the person, wearing it. It tracks all the body movements and converts it into useful information like steps taken, calories burnt, sleep quality and distance traveled.

10. Motion Triggered Night Vision Mini Spy Camera

unique gadgets

unique gadgets

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Last but not the least, unique gadgets, Motion sensitive spy camera tracks all the motions of anything around, even during night at pitch dark.  Thanks to infrared rays, it has ability to capture all the motion up to 10-15 feet. The battery stands for around 10 days on a single charge and is very simple to operate.

Well, these are few motion triggered gadgets which are very useful to make your life better and sophisticated.


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