Top 10 Latest Unique Gadgets to Change Our Quality of Life

Think like an entrepreneur for a moment. What defines a successful invention? Is marketing? Is it the creativity? Is it being so superior to the competition?

Not at all. All gadgets succeed if they fulfill a need. Sometimes the need is obvious (knives that don’t dull) and sometimes it’s a device that could make you laugh (toasters that print your face onto bread). Profit comes from giving adding something good to humanity and the pleasure of living.

Technological advancements are surely amazing. Our quality of life is influenced by many things, from physical comforts to our mental well-being. So, in deference to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, here are the top 10 latest unique gadgets that can surely improve your day.

Unique Gadgets.

Unique Gadgets

Unique Gadgets

  • Nostalgia Electrics – Vintage Kettle Popcorn Popper

Food’s among life’s first pleasures, and few things exemplifies the joy and wonder of going to the cinema like a bucket of savory, buttery popcorn. Making perfect popcorn can be a chore, however, and there’s something clinical and disappointing with a chromed modern popcorn popper.

So why not take this cheery vintage popcorn maker with a built-in stirring system to ensure that every batch pops perfectly, with capacity of up to 8 cups of crunchy goodness each time? Watching popcorn pop is one of the simple joys that often brings back nostalgia of earlier, more innocent days and build excitement for your movie night or party. So easy to use, your kids will surely treasure it too!

Unique Gadgets

Unique Gadgets

  • Quirky Stem — The Lemon Atomizer

Made by Quirky, Stem is a neat kitchen contraption that makes lemon and orange juicers outdated. All you need to do is to insert Stem into the lemon, press its button, and get a fine spray of juice to add zest to your salads and soups.

Better than a drippy juicer. Works most other citrus fruits. Much, much less cumbersome than having to break out the knives and chopping board each time and minding seeds. A fairly simple device, so your kitchen should definitely look to have one right now.



  • Bariseur – Alarm Clock and Coffee Maker

Have you ever wished that your alarm clock could do something else than be an annoyance? If there’s a reason to get up, it would be that. Well, just wait a bit longer and the Barisieur, designed by Josh Renouf, will become available on the market. This device is an alarm clock and coffee maker in one. Now you’ve got a real reason to get up early!

[I want this. Holy s–t. This is the perfect thing. Faces will be punched for not thinking of it any sooner. – ed]


  • Hush — Smart Earplugs

If you have difficulties sleeping because of the racket your neighbor makes or the snoring sounds your partner generates, then get these Hush Smart Earplugs. These comfortable self-contained earbuds will sooth you with sound-cancelling white noise, the gentle lulling sounds of a waterfall or a beach, or binaural beats. It will block all unpleasant the noises around you while you sleep or wait in traffic and will wake you up just like a regular alarm. It’s wireless, so you do not need to worry about messy cabling and its charge will easily last the whole night.



  • Vessyl Smart Cup

Vessyl, a health device made by Mark One, is a cup that can (for the most part) accurately tell you what is inside of it. It can provide you with its contents’ nutritional value, ingredients, flavor, and even its specific brand!

How good is it? It can distinguish between Pepsi and Coke, strong and weak coffee, chocolate and mocha, and many different kinds of beers and wines.

Then that data is sent to your mobile device app so you can figure out your water, caffeine, alcohol and calorie intakes. It exposes the sometimes grisly truth behind our drinking habits, and as such one of the best tools in your kit when you’re dieting or trying to more precisely ‘hack’ your own biochemistry to better build those attractive muscle groups.




  • Edyn — Connected Garden System

Gardening is a love–hate relationship for many people, especially those who have ‘black’ thumbs. Yet it remains one of the most fulfilling past-times, even for those living in the big city. Getting in touch with nature is relaxing, and food made with produce grown by your own hands tastes as satisfying like nothing else.

However, while gardening is very zen it doesn’t mean that it’s that easy.

If you are one of those individuals that want to make sure everything goes right in a step-by-step manner, then the Edyn Garden System is a product for you. The system will assist you in gardening by checking the needs of your garden and recommending steps on how you can provide for your garden’s growth.


  • Perfect Drink – Smart Bartender

There are robotic bartenders to serve your personal bar or private party, but expect to shell out several thousand dollars at the very least for something that’s only used either infrequently or only to mix a few favored drinks. It’s also still more impressive to show your friends and guests that you can mix drinks with flair and familiarity.

The Perfect Drink Smart Bartender won’t mix your drinks for you, but it will assist you in making sure you’ve got the proportions perfect. Take the guesswork out of it until it becomes second nature. A drink poured by human hands is a warm gesture of welcome, don’t leave it to the sterile spigots of a machine. It’s convenient, but in some circles having no choice but to order drinks from a robot may be considered a bit tacky or even insulting.




  • Tylt Vu – Wireless Charger

Was it really just less than five years ago that the thought of charging out of thin air was considered a joke? Now, not only is it a convenient reality, more and more phones are compatible with wireless charging.

 Tylt Vu works with all ‘Qi’ enabled phones. No more annoying wires and cables. Just put it down, leave it alone, pick it up later fully charged. The Tylt is preferable to the round Qi chargers because as a cellphone stand it keeps your mobile in view and perfectly positioned to deliver instant messages and texts.



  • The Copenhagen Wheel

Riding a bicycle is a good way to get around quickly at no cost and helps to keep you fit. But if you plan to go any further, your stamina might not allow you to do so. And sometimes getting a motorcycle’s out of the question – you can bring a bike into a campus just fine, and running out of gas in the middle of a dirt trail is just sad.

With the Copenhagen Wheel, which was developed by some MIT guys and Super Pedestrian, forget about human limits. The Copenhagen wheel can transform your bike into a hybrid electric bike by just replacing your rear wheel with it. It’s an impressive innovation that shows just how much potential there is in nonpolluting systems that seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. Read more about it at:



  • EnduroShield – Protective Glass Coating

Are you tired of cleaning your window glasses and shower glass doors? Then spray some EnduroShield’s protective glass coating on them. The chemical will protect your glasses against dirt, scratches, stains, and lime, which will make them easier to clean. It’s water and oil-repellant. How cool is that?

It may seem a tiny low-tech solution, but it can potentially save you thousands in maintenance. Not all innovation is in the realm of mechanics, after all. Chemical scientists and engineers also help us in innumerable but subtle ways. It’s not just for homes and office windows, which need regular cleaning. Foggy glass can sometimes be a hazard, and clearer windows means better heat management.


  • GoTenna

Are you going to travel, but unsure if cell service on your destination is available? Worry no more! With GoTenna, you can send messages even if cell or internet service is unavailable.

How does it work? GoTenna communicates to other Gotenna devices, and that’s why they’re meant to ship in pairs. It can even ‘shout’ to all Gotenna devices in range, which would be very useful in times of emergency and disaster relief. It is similar, but different from a radio in that it interfaces with your mobile phone – meaning such services as GPS and secure encrypted communications are standard. Since it doesn’t go through cell networks, you can have more private communications without anything stored by a third party.


  • Sony – Wearable 3D/HDTV

If you really want to get immersed into a movie or game, then this is for you! Unlike say, Oculus Rift, at least this works with all present media through wireless connection from your PC, tablet, or any other media player. You’ll have the equivalent looking at a 750-inch screen at 20 feet, paired with impressive 7.1 surround-sound headphones.

Early previews have returned with raving reviews about how crisp and colorful image quality can be when it’s sent straight to your eyes. Less eyestrain, less distraction. You could be lying down on the bed and still feel like you’re in your very own private cinema. Since it works with PCs, as long as you’ve got a wireless cable and mouse as well, who cares where you’re sitting or lying down? Work and game with complete privacy.


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