Top 10 Gadgets With Video Camera

Interesting Facts

  1. The most powerful camera ever made called the “The dark energy survey camera” has 570 megapixel.

  2. 12 Hasselblad cameras were left behind on the moon by Apollo 11 mission so that they could carry more lunar rock samples to earth. Those cameras still remain on the lunar surface.

  3. During World War 1, Military used pigeon’s outfitted with camera to take photographs of their enemies (Pigeon cameras was a popular espionage gadget then).

  4. 20% of the photograph’s taken worldwide end up on social networking websites.

  5. Leica 0-Serie Nr.107 hold’s the record for the world’s most valuable camera. It was sold for $ 1.89 million during the Hasselblads auction.


There is a saying that taking a stolen shot of someone captures the beauty of simplicity or the natural impression or emotion of a person. Now who is to say that we can’t do that while taking a video? Of course we can and look and feel cool while doing it.

Here are ten must have gadgets if you want to capture a moment and have fun while doing so and you can even think your someone like James Bond in the process.

Camera Gadgets

1. Spy Glasses Camera



Glasses make you look smart and innocent so nobody would suspect you taking videos of people in secret.

2. Spy Necktie Camera



A cool gadget where you can record your job interview and pass or not you can watch how well you did and learn a thing or two from mistakes.

3. Spy Pen Camera



Record a lesson in class or better yet capture a funny moment that will surely be a wonderful memory.

4. Spy Watch Camera



An awesome way to take pictures or videos on your way to work, you never know what you might capture.

5. Spy Chewing Gum Camera



Give it to your kid and he will surely have fun and who knows but he might find it interesting enough to make it his future career.

6. Spy Button Camera



A small and easy to hide camera that you can use to capture moments in a natural environment, filled with ‘real’ performers.

7. Spy Clutch Bag Camera


Have a rival company or product? Then try this out and be able to beat them and in the long run making the product advance further.

8. Remote Controlled Helicopters with Camera


While some consider this drone a toy, it can actually come in handy as something to capture art or take cool pictures of events from the air.

9. Remote Controlled Cars with Camera


A cool toy for boys who like playing war games and want to spy on the other camps, or do surveillance to prevent enemy attacks!

10. Smart Phones

Let’s not forget the most used gadget in our age that not only is useful in many ways, but can preserve memories with just a few taps.


Making videos is the best way to preserve a memory because you not only get to see each and every detail but you can add anything you want to it.

Think of a movie and that you are the star.


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